Retiring in Germany – What To Expect
Retiring in Germany – What To Expect

Retiring in Germany – What To Expect

Retiring in Germany – What To Expect

There are ample benefits for foreigners wishing to retire in Germany. Apart from the usual advantages like discounts and priority in products and services, retirees in Germany can usually enjoy a very high standard of living. In this article, we will highlight the main perks gained when retiring in Germany.

High Quality of life

Home to largest economy in Europe, political stability and also relatively low crime rates, when compared to the surrounding countries. This all contributes to enhancing the quality of one’s life in a country. In a report focusing on international cities, marked Germany as one of the top countries for foreigners to call home.

Cost of living

Some might state that the products and services in Germany are slightly expensive when compared to other European countries. However, when you take into consideration the pay rates and benefits, the cost of living is quite doable. This also depends on the country you are coming from. If you are from a country such as the UK, you are likely to find it less expensive to live in Germany.

All seasons country

Despite not being renowned for its tropical ambiance, Germany allows you to experience the full range of seasons. You can usually expect cold and white winters, whilst having warm and pleasant summer days. This provides the country with many seasonal opportunities.

Can live without personal transportation

This is not very common in many countries, however, the transportation network system in Germany is excellent, efficient and well maintained. Furthermore, you can access almost every location with public transportation. Public Transportation methods include busses, trains, trams, underground trains and taxis. In general, the public transport in Germany is quite affordable.

Access everywhere

One of the largest benefits of calling Germany your new home, is the travelling opportunities it provides. Given its strategic location in the centre of Europe, makes travelling to the surrounding countries very easy. All you need is just a passport and train ticket, and within a few hours you can be in Austria, Belgium, France and many more. This undeniably, makes travelling for retirees much more facilitated and less stressful.

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