10 Facts Which Prove That You Are Becoming Germanized!

Updated on
September 11, 2022

When you live in Germany for a while, without knowing you start adopting several German traits to your life. Adapting to the German culture is likely to help you feel more part of the German lifestyle, be more accepted, blends you in and tends to improve cultural shock.

Here is how you know you are getting Germanized:

  1. Similar to the Spain’s siesta, Germans also have their afternoon nap. Therefore, on Saturdays, you get used to doing all your work between 9-11am or 2-4pm, not to disturb the neighbours. In return you expect the same.
  2. You take Sundays off. The Germans believe that on Sundays no work is to be done, and instead take the day off to enjoy with family and friends.
  3. You visited Malle at least once in the summer! Amongst the Germans ‘Malle’ is the exquisite name for Mallorca, which is one of the most loved destinations by Germans.
  4. You environmentally conscious. Germany is known as one of the top countries in Europe to strive towards conserving the natural environment. In addition to that, the vast majority of German residents recycle and contribute to the wellbeing of the environment.
  5. You do not cross a red light! No matter what time of where it is, you are used to obeying the German laws and regulations, due to respect towards safety and result of hefty fines. Crossing red lights is frowned up in Germany.
  6. You do your best not to break any rules and work as ‘correctly’ as possible. In addition to this, you always try your best to be on time, regardless of where you are going.
  7. You mix your juice with sparkling water. One of the most common German traits that might be perceived as strange by new coming expats. The longer you stay in Germany, the more often you see it and the more likely you start doing it.
  8. You work hard but you also play hard. Many Germans are used to a mind set that work comes priority one, however, when work finishes, it should never interfere with the leisure time.
  9. You love the local bakery. Germans have a lot of love towards their bakeries and beloved bread. Most Germans tend to wake up early to enjoy a freshly baked bread while it is still warm!
  10. You love your car! You cannot really blame Germans for loving and respecting their cars, in the end, there are hundreds of driving opportunities across Germany. The country is also renowned for its unlimited speeds and automobile industry, which is home to many globally recognised brands.
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