10 Tips to save money when moving abroad

Updated on
April 13, 2023

Moving can be quite expensive and every cent counts. You will be met with many small fees that you might not have been expecting and apart from that you might have several deposits to pay in advance. Below we give you the top 10 tips how you can save money when moving abroad.

1- Get rid of all the things you will not need. The less stuff you have to move the easier and cheaper it is. There are several ways to do this, you can either donate or sell the belongings you will not need or simply not worth moving.

2- Plan well. Your journey will be much smoother with some wise planning. Apart from avoiding unpleasant situations, you are also likely to save money.

3- If you’re going to hire a moving company, make sure you compare many different prices and conditions offered by companies. Check online reviews and preferably ask someone that used the company before.

4- Have a garage sale. This can be the quickest way to earn some money, depending on what you are selling. You will be surprised how successful garage sales can be and it will give you a chance to see the locals one last time before your departure.

5- Give to charity. You will not directly save money, however, sometimes donations to charities might save you money with regards to tax deductions. Make sure to keep the receipts. Apart from that, donating to charity also gives you unique personal satisfaction and self-fulfilment.

6- Review all the previous contracts you have such as internet, phone and/or TV, to ensure you will not forget any payments, often leading to higher fines. Check out what offers are available in the new country, so you will not end up signing up with the first one you see in your neighbourhood and regret it later.

7- If you are renting, do not forget your deposits and to settle everything with regards to electricity, water and any other utilities.

8- Keep records and book keeping of all your expenses. This may be crucial not to get confused and avoid unwanted surprises. Keeping records of what you spend can also be good to manage your spending habits and income.

9- Pack wisely! Try your best to save space and weight, as when travelling, more weight means more costs! Sometimes it might be cheaper to sell or leave your old items at home and but new ones once you arrive.

10- Apart from all the information you can find online, some of the more credible and reliable information you can get is from people that had previous, similar experiences. Ask them about what to look out for and what to avoid, do not be shy to learn, the more you research and know about your move the more likely you are to save money.


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