12 Places Recommended by an Expat to Visit in Berlin, During Summer

Updated on
September 20, 2022

If you're looking for the best places to visit in Berlin during the summer, you're in the right place. Despite so many spots to choose from, we've shortlisted 12 must-see places. Read on and you'll surely find the perfect place to visit. Here's our list of the best 12 places for a wonderful summer holiday in the fantastic city of Berlin.

1. An Artist's Home - Holzmarkt

While holding a cool drink, I admire the sun's rays gliding over the Spree river. Suddenly, I hear music and walk closer towards a campfire. But wait, there's more. I can smell superb delicacies and the scenery lights up with laughter. I arrive at the Holzmarkt. It's in Friedrichshain. It's an artists' community in the centre of Berlin. What's more, the rustic buildings and nostalgic air make it a special spot for many.

2. The Wonderful Charlottenburg Palace

Charlottenburg has earned its place on our list. It's a Baroque palace featuring astonishing gardens. To enjoy the place at its best, visit during the summer.

3. The Eccentric Palace of Babelsberg and Exquisite Gardens

When visiting Babelsberg Palace, you'll enjoy a magical exhibition. It's created in the spirit of the eccentric designer Hermann. Although the gardens are a small piece of the outlandish royal gardens and palaces of Berlin and Potsdam. Today, they're considered as part of UNESCO's World Heritage.The gardens found on these royal grounds situated on the Glienicker See's banks are mind-blowing. They come second to none. You can find something new anywhere. Enjoy walking through blooming rose gardens, fantastic fountains and bubbly waters. It's a fairytale scenery comprising beautiful forests and magical lakes.

4. Relax in Treptower Park

If you're looking for the perfect place to enjoy a picnic and just relax, the Park of Treptower is the place to be. You'll find families of all types, friends enjoying a match of football, kids playing hide and seek or lovers admiring the sunset from the riverbank at Oberbaumbrücke. You'd think all Berliners have come together in this park.

5. A Perfect Summer Evening at Insel der Jugend, or the Isle of Youth

The Insel der Jugend, or the Isle of Youth, is close to Treptower Park. Travel to the island to watch a film or enjoy a picnic. Rent a boat and take a romantic lake ride. Or enjoy a coffee and exquisite dessert at the local café.

6. Down to the Rummelsburg Bay

Leave the Isle of Youth and visit Rummelsburg Bay. You'll find it in Lichtenberg. It's not just another one of our special summer spots. Walk along the north part of the bay until you reach Hafenküche or the power station. Enjoy breakfast or have lunch. The prices are affordable, and you'll taste great dishes like roasted chicken during the evening or chips and fish. What's more, the light glittering off the Spree River creates the perfect summer scene. Bear with me. There's more. Hafenküche also provides packed picnic baskets. It's the perfect place for a romantic walk or boat ride.

7. Milchhäuschen, the Wonderful Lake - Weißen See

You'll find Weißer See, or the White Lake, to the North in the Pankow district. It's becoming very popular amongst locals and tourists. The tiny lakeside Milchhäuschen café is a great place to enjoy a tasty macchiato while you admire the rowboats passing by. For some fun and relaxation, visit the Weißensee Beach. It's right opposite. You'll find lounge chairs, a superb beer garden, and you can enjoy swimming. The gorgeous fountains, which are surrounded by exquisite gardens make it a romantic place.

8. Special gems of Berlin: Drei Schwestern, Kunstraum Bethanien, Kreuzberg

You'll find a variety of jewels in Berlin. Take, for example, the magnificent exhibitions in Bethanien/ Kunstraum Kreuzberg, found in Mariannenplatz, in a building, which served as a hospital in the past. For a snack, go to the inner courtyard where you'll find Restaurant 3. You can taste traditional German dishes and fantastic wines for a perfect summer outing. Bear with me. There's more to enjoy at one of the best summer spots in Berlin. During the summer months, you can also watch movies at the cinema set up in the courtyard.

9. The Magical Museum Island

The gardens at the Museum Altes offer complete relaxation from the sightseeing done on the Museum Island. You can admire the romantic landscape designs of Casper Friedrich or the wonderful views from the top of the Berlin Cathedral. They're not just gardens. This place is a piece of Heaven on Earth. You'll enjoy coloured and playful water fountains combined with a pleasant and calming atmosphere in the centre of Berlin.

10. Some music on the Bridge at Monbijou

Close to the Lustgarten, you'll come across another magical place on Museum Island. Most Berliners and tourists take a break after a busy day, especially during the summer, on the bridge crossing the Spree River next to Bode Museum. At sunset, when the waves magnificent shadows reflect on Bode Museum's walls, the lights turn on alongside the river's banks. You'll find old and young people going to the Theatre an der Museumsinsel to dance swing, salsa or the tango.

11. The Fascinating World's Gardens (Gärten der Welt)

The World's Gardens is where you'll get all the value Berlin has to offer during summer. Whether you enjoy the smell of blooming flowers, watching sunsets or bobsleighing, this is the place to be. The waterpark, comprising 6,000 sqm is a great place for children. A tip from us: Make sure you pack some drinks and food and find your place in the shade. It's a long-lasting tradition in the World's Gardens. The place underwent further expansion during IGA Berlin in 2017.

12. Lietzensee

You'll come across Lietzensee close to Berlin's west main shopping road, Kurfürstendamm. What's best, you'll find a park surrounding the lake. The residents of Wilmersdorf and Charlottenburg are attracted to this magnificent lake. It's the perfect summer spot in the core of West Berlin. You can visit the terrace found at the Stella boathouse to relax after a romantic walk around Lietzensee lake.

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