5 Common Expat Problems When Moving Abroad

Updated on
September 11, 2022

Moving abroad from your home country is definitely no walk in the park, but the path you choose, affects how your journey evolves. This article is based on expats’ experiences, in which, they highlight five most common expat problems encountered when moving abroad. By knowing the following tips, you can be aware, plan in advance and have a smoother transition to the new country


One of the main problems that expats encounter when moving abroad is not being prepared or knowing what to expect. It is crucial that prior your move, you conduct enough research that will equip you with the basic knowledge to commence your journey.Thanks to the internet nowadays, research has gotten extremely easier and less time consuming. Expect to find different rules, regulations and way of life, and do your best to keep your mind open to accept the upcoming life changes.

2. Budget

One of the most stressful situations when you move abroad, is if you do not have enough finances to cover your expenses. When conducting the initial research, check on the cost of living and general salaries in the new country. Be aware of the rental costs and day to day expenses such as transport. In addition to this, consider the cost of the relocation itself, including the moving companies, deposits, taxes, and legal services. It is always recommended to keep some extra cash aside for emergencies.

3. Health insurance

If you are used to the system in your home country, do not expect that it will be the same where you move. In some countries insurance costs are quite high and in others, health insurance is mandatory by law, such as in Germany. When travelling, health insurance can save you a lot of hassle, if something arises. Furthermore, in the long run, most of the time you end up saving money with an insurance.

4. Not visiting the destination in advance

One of the biggest challenges that expats encounter is that the actual lifestyle and standards in the new country do not match the initial expectations. The internet helps you do a lot of research and discover many new things about your destination, however, we always recommended that you visit the destination at least once before you commit to your move. If you are having doubts, try and visit the destination again for a longer period of time to get an idea of what it would feel like living in the new country with new people and surroundings.

5. Giving up

Despite the many challenges the expat life sometimes imposes, many expats do the major mistake of giving up too early. As soon as things start to get hard, they give up and run away. Most likely is that until you settle and begin to adapt, your move will be difficult, however, with enough time and persistence, can become the experience of a lifetime, providing you with new opportunities and life goals.

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