5 Things To Do During Your First Week In Germany

Updated on
September 10, 2022

In this article, you will find which registrations are required by law on your arrival in Germany, a few tips on how to indulge in the German traditions and interact with new people.As soon as you move to Germany, there are some official matters that you must get settled within your first week in the country. This helps you to start getting settled in Germany, whilst ensuring that you are abiding with the country’s requirements. The first two mandatory matters that need to be done as soon as you arrive in Germany are registration with local authorities and setting up a health insurance.

Registration with local authorities

Any resident in Germany is required by law to register their address on the government’s population register. Kindly note that if you decide to move out of Germany, you need to also de-register. Registering with the authorities should be your top priority, as this has to be done by latest 7 days of your arrival.For any query regarding your registration you can contact 115 for assistance.

Health Insurance

This is the second most important matter that you have to handle. It is mandatory by law for any resident in Germany to be covered with a health insurance. Residents have two main options; private and public. Usually if you are employed and earning less than a fixed amount, it is recommended to opt for a public health insurance, however, if you are self employed or an employed high earner, private health insurance is usually the most feasible option.Get more information and assistance about German Health Insurance.

Bank Account

Having a bank account is not necessarily mandatory by law, but it is very likely that you will need it. Especially if you are employed, having a bank account is crucial. This also applies if you are paying rent for an apartment, as in some cases, renting would be an option, unless you have a bank account. Opening a bank account in Germany is not a very complicated task, just ensure that you check before what documents are required so you can have them prepared. You can also open a bank account online.

Settle in your household

Assuming that you already found a place to live, utilities in Germany are not always included. In fact, most of the time you will need to apply for gas, water and electricity on your arrival. This also applies for an internet connection, telephone and mail.

Get your bearings

Now that you have all the mandatory matters sorted, it is time to go out and start exploring your surroundings. Discover the transport possibilities, points of interest in your area, shopping areas and the daily life in Germany. Go out and make friends in your new home, practise your German and start enjoying your new life in Germany.

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