6 Productive & Fun Activities to Do During Self-Isolation

Updated on
October 10, 2022

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, the World Health Organization have been advising people to keep social distancing and self-isolate to curb the spread of the infection. During the period, ensure that you take care of your mental and physical health. Self-isolation can be quite boring and can lead to anxiety and in some cases, a rapid increase in weight. However, you can make much out of the situation, as there are many activities to do during self-isolation by having fun, keeping fit and learning something new.Several musicians and artists have cancelled their concerts due to the pandemic. However, many are connecting with their fans online, using social media and livestream channels. You can also finally find time, for that DIY project you have always wanted to try. Historical places, galleries and museums can also give you a virtual tour of their premises.Here is a number of activities to do during self-isolation;

Read a Book

It is always said that if you would like to enlighten your mind, reading a book would work best. Likewise, if you are looking for some inspiration post-corona period, read some inspiring text. Fortunately, you do not have to go for a hard copy and flaunt the self-distancing rules. You can read many books on Amazon Kindle or an eBook reader app on your device.A self-isolation period of a fortnight or longer is long enough to read two short books. You may consider going for an inspiration title or a biography of a successful person in your area of interest and some fictional story. Depending on your preferences, there is everything from history to romance, crime investigations and horror. Instead of reading, you can also consider listening to audiobooks.

Try a New Recipe - Cooking Time!

You have always wanted to try those meatballs and curry sauce but did not have the time. This is time to try your hand in some fantastic dishes together with the family. Start with recipes whose ingredients are locally available at home or nearby grocery outlet. Besides, such cooking skills as baking and gourmet are some excellent ones to have. However, due to the time required, most people do not learn them. This is the time to try them out.You can get inspiration for your dishes online by watching cooking videos on YouTube or joining online cooking classes. Use the opportunity to plan your meals and introduce foods that you always wanted to try. Besides, you can also try some of the dishes you love taking at your favourite restaurant.

Try an At-home Workout Program

The gym is a no-go during the self-isolation period. However, a good number of trainers have gone online with lots of useful tips on how to keep fit during this period. Use the live streams to learn some of the moves. Remember to do regular workouts when at home. It keeps your mind and body healthy, which, in turn, maintains your overall strength and boosts immunity.

Use Virtual Meet-ups to Connect with Friends

Now that you cannot meet your loved ones in person, virtual get-togethers are ideal. You can use such software as Facetime, Zoom and Skype to connect with your friends. Virtual meet-up is a great way to know what your loved ones are doing, play online games, share stories and encourage those who are feeling down.Other services offer you a chance to collaborate with your friends remotely. For example, Netflix allows friends to watch the same movie while communicating using the in-app chat feature. You can also host recreational activities such as discussion group or book club. Many games are also available online that have multiplayer features. These include everything from racing to card games. Compete against your friends on some of the titles.

Explore Virtual Museums

Virtually all museums and galleries have closed their doors due to coronavirus. However, you can still enjoy what is on offer at these places through virtual museums. It only takes a few clicks to see the items that in any museum such as the Vatican Museum, British Museum, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Louvre and the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery, among others. Visit them learn something new and get entertained.

Invest in Yourself - Develop a New Skill

Everyone has some activity that he or she has been putting off due to lack of time or just being lazy. As we wrap up the activities to do during self-isolation, we recommend that you do it. Such new skills that you may learn during self-isolation include yoga, a new language, DIY activities or a new recipe. Luckily, there is a ton of material on the internet, including videos, which you can use to learn your new skills. Depending on the period you will be in self-isolation, you can learn two or more skills and put your knowledge into action.

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