Advantages when living in Germany

Updated on
September 11, 2022

Living in Germany can be a beautiful experience as it has a very high quality of life and it boasts for having the largest economy in whole Europe. Furthermore, unemployment is reducing on a month to month basis, exceeding historic records. Germany has many great characteristics, however, like any other country, there are some advantages and limitations to living in Germany. From our experience and other expats’, the pros, more often than not, outweigh the cons. Below we give you some of the top benefits encountered by expats living in Germany.

Pro: Public Transport

Germany is home to some of the nicest roads in Europe and it can be a heaven on earth for car enthusiasts, however, in reality you do not even need a car due to the country’s highly efficient transport network. The public transport in Germany is excellent, whether you opt for the bus, tram or train.

Pro: Easy to adapt

Since thousands of expats and tourists travel to Germany every year, the locals are used to welcoming outsiders. Despite some language barriers encountered, if you are out going and friendly, you should not have any problems to adapt.

Pro: Accessible

Due to its strategic central location in Europe, it is very easy to travel to most of the locations in Europe and you can also find some really good flight deals.

Pro: Punctual

As a general rule, avoid from arriving late. Punctuality is taken very seriously in Germany and arriving past the agreed time is often frowned upon.

Pro: Healthcare

Health insurance is mandatory in Germany and one can rest assured to find an excellent health care system. You can choose between private or public health insurance, and if the whole insurance thing is too complicated, use an insurance brokers and you can rely on them doing all the work.

Pro: Fun

In Germany, you will never run out of things to do and you can any type of activity you desire. Rich in culture and history, filled with nightlife and entertainment and a welcoming population.

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