Award Winning International Health Insurance for Freelancers in Germany

Updated on
February 28, 2024

Having comprehensive coverage is essential for expats living in Germany. While the healthcare system here is esteemed for its excellence, it imposes a requirement for all residents, including expatriates, to have a health insurance plan. Without proper coverage, expats may face significant financial burdens in case of unexpected medical emergencies.

APRIL International has partnered with Welcome Center Germany to bring you an international private medical insurance policy designed for freelancers and self-employed expatriates living in Germany.

As a foreign national living or working in Germany, by law you are required to choose an insurance policy that is approved by BaFin and accepted by the immigration authorities for your visa.

Here’s why choosing an APRIL International policy will work for you as an expat living in Germany:

  • BaFin approved – an easy-to-understand insurance plan that is approved by the German regulator.
  • Visa accepted for your visa appointment with the immigration authorities.
  • German certification that is also recognised by the immigration authorities.

About APRIL International

For over 35 Years, APRIL International has specialised in international health insurance solutions. It provides a prompt, personalised service - and this begins from the very first moment you speak with them. The business has a careful and considered approach to customer service and will make every effort to ensure that you and your family receive the best care as quickly as possible.

APRIL International offers a wide range of health insurance plans tailored specifically for expats. Whether you are an individual, a family, or a business, APRIL International has plans that suit your unique needs. From basic medical coverage to comprehensive plans that include dental, vision, and maternity benefits, you can find the perfect solution to safeguard your health while living in Germany.

Multi award-winning provider

In the last 12 months alone, APRIL International has won 3 awards & service ratings:

  • 5 Star Service Rating for the second year running in Health & Protection’s 2023 International Private Medical Insurance (IPMI) Report.
  • Best International Individual Health Insurance Provider at the Health & Protection Awards 2023.
  • Service Provider at the Modern Insurance Magazine’s Insurance CX Awards 2024.

The awards celebrate excellence in professional standards, innovation and outstanding customer service efforts within the insurance marketplace, which underscores APRIL International’s dedication to providing unparalleled service excellence to its policyholders.

Sustainable premiums

The insurance provider recognises that it can be useful for customers to have insight into the level of premium increases in the future. APRIL International aims to provide you with quality healthcare at sustainable prices. In the last 5 years, for example, the average increment stands at 5%. This is generally at the lowest end of the market and well below the average cost of global medical inflation.

Extensive network of quality healthcare providers

A key highlight of APRIL International is its extensive network of healthcare providers throughout Germany. With access to a wide range of doctors, hospitals, and specialists, you can be assured that you will receive top-notch medical care whenever necessary. This expansive network ensures that you won't have to worry about locating healthcare services in a new country.

24/7 multilingual customer support

Relocating to a foreign country can be daunting, particularly when dealing with paperwork and insurance matters. APRIL International understands the hurdles expatriates encounter and provides multilingual customer support to streamline communication and alleviate stress. Its committed team is proficient in numerous languages, including English, making it easier for expats to get the assistance they need.

Flexibility in plans and coverage

APRIL International provides flexible plans that suit your individual needs. Whether you require enhanced coverage for pre-existing conditions or opt for a plan with a higher deductible to reduce your premium, APRIL International can cater to your preferences.

Moreover, if you travel from country to another, you will have continuous protection, granting you uninterrupted access to the same quality of care, as long as the destination country falls within your selected coverage area (there are some countries where the plan is not available due to local insurance regulations or exchange controls).

Simple claims process

If you require medical assistance, initiating a claim is quick and seamless. APRIL International’s medical assistance provider is available 24/7 to facilitate pre-authorization for both routine and emergency hospital treatments. Additionally, its in-house claims team is available to assist you with any out-of-pocket expenses. It strives to reimburse most claims within 3-5 working days, ensuring minimal delay in receiving your refund.

Straightforward digital enrolment

The application is quick and easy – there’s no need for a medical questionnaire if you are under 65 years old. You also have the flexibility to pay your premiums monthly, quarterly, or annually.

To receive a quote from APRIL International and their award-winning insurance product, please contact the team below;

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