Best neighbourhoods for expats in Stuttgart

Updated on
September 11, 2022

Compared to the other major cities in Germany, Stuttgart is a relatively small city, housing around 600,000 people scattered amongst a series of valleys, hills and vineyards.  Unlike many industrial cities, Stuttgart is considered to be safe and clean with a good quality of life. Furthermore, the city is also home to two of the best automobile manufacturing brands around the world, Mercedes Benz and Porsche.  Altogether, Stuttgart has twenty-three inner and outer neighbourhoods.  In this article, we will be providing you with the top four neighbourhoods recommended for expats.


The heart of the city! This neighborhood is one of the most popular amongst expats and foreigners travelling to Stuttgart. The Mitte isn’t just a nice neighborhood but one that thrives with cultural activity and is home to some of the most important landmarks in the city, such as the Friedrichsbau Theater and the palace of the old Württemberg Dukes. Furthermore, this neighborhood is loved by shopping enthusiasts, due to the Königstrasse Avenue which is renowned for shopping. The Mitte is also known for its hospitality along with its great restaurants with excellent cuisines, local and internationally. For the ones that like a good party, the Mitte has some of the best clubs in the city.


As the name implies, this neighborhood is located in the West of Stuttgart. Similar to the Mitte, Stuttgart-West has several places to eat, drink and visit. Not only does this neighborhood offer several places and activities for entertainment but also offers many opportunities to work and study. The public transport in the city is efficient and effective giving you the opportunity to travel from one place to another at ease.

Bad Cannstatt

This neighborhood has some of the top tourist attractions in the city. As one can expect it is quite touristic and lively, especially in the weekends. Bad Cannstatt is home to the previously mentioned two major car manufacturers museums together with the best football club in Germany – the VfB Stuttgart.  Moreover, this neighborhood offers the famous mineral natural spa, the MinrealBad springs. This place attracts thousands of locals and foreigners to indulge in the relaxation and health benefits MineralBad offers. Furthermore, this neighborhood hosts two of the largest beer festivals in Stuttgart, where thousands of people gather to drink beer and celebrate.


Just a short train ride from the city’s center, Degerloch is often liked by expats with children and families where they can simply escape the hustle and bustle of the city while still having accessibility. This neighborhood offers a peaceful safe area where you can practically cycle your way around.While we mention these four neighbourhoods in Stuttgart, there are many other ones that offer similar activities to the ones mentioned. Some of these neighbourhoods may include Stuttgart-Nord, Stuttgart-Sud, Möhringen, Münster, Wangen and Hedelfingen.

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