Best Relocating Tips Told by Expats

Updated on
September 11, 2022

Moving abroad is never easy, as it entails many processes in it, some complex more than others. However, like in anything, experience equips you with the right knowledge that is likely to facilitate your next move. If you did not gain the required experience yet, worry not, as in this article, we compiled a list with the top tips recommended by expats moving abroad.

Recommended Tips

Travel & Pack Light

Do not over pack. You will end up not using most of the stuff anyway. The change of country might also change your perception on material goods, therefore, in most instances, it was mainly suggested to sell most of your stuff before your move. Even if you do not make too much money out of it, at least you will be able to buy new things. Prioritise what is most important for you and take them. Another benefit with packing light is that its much easier to go from one place to another.

Do not rush yourself

It is true that many expats find making new friends and going out in the beginning of the move, very helpful, however, give enough time to yourself to settle in properly. This does not happen overnight, instead, it might even take a couple of months. Get used to the culture and adapt to their lifestyle. With that being said, do not keep back to go out if the opportunity arises. Be friendly and social.

Accept change

Despite that many people move to a new country to start a new chapter in life or to make a change, not everyone manages to accept the changes once they move. Be open to new things and understanding of your surroundings. Experience and enjoy new customs, habits, food and trends.

Adapt but keep your principles

Do not try to adapt so much that you lose yourself in the process. One of the most beautiful things about expats relocating, is the mixture of different people and cultures interacting with others. Despite the fact that its good that you adapt to your new lifestyle, try to keep some of your old roots. Keep in touch with friends and family back home and keep some useful contacts at hand. Accept who you are and try to understand and interact with the locals, rather than striving to become one.

Try to think in advance what the you won’t have!

Missing your favorite things in the new country, cane really make you homesick. See what’s important for you to have and ensure that you will find it in the new country. If not plan on how you can get it to your new home country.

Settle all legalities and documents as soon as possible

No one likes the stress and preparation of the legalities involved when relocating abroad. However, forgetting to apply or pay for something, usually, results in hefty fines and potentially, even court. Try and avoid such experiences as much as possible and prepare well in advance what you will be required to do.

Explore your surroundings

Regardless how amazing and fun the city or neighbourhood you are living in is, refrain from always staying in the same place. Explore the surrounding cities, towns and villages and try to discover new places as much as possible. This is likely to enhance your experience in the new country.

Create a realistic budget

Many expats underestimate the costs of moving abroad. Think and prepare well in advance the amount of financing required for your move. You will be surprised how many hidden costs arise, therefore, always ensure you have some extra and accessible money on the side. Additionally, have more than one way of accessing your funds. Do not rely on one bank card or cash. Spread and allocate your money wisely to avoid negative money-related experiences.

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