Business Ideas for Expats and Students in Germany

Updated on
September 11, 2022

This article is mainly targeted for the expats travelling to Germany that do not wish to work with an employer, currently have no job, wish additional income and for expats that go abroad because of their spouse finding a job in Germany. The following business ideas allow the expat to decide on how many working hours they wish to input in their business. Students in Germany are also able to adopt these business ideas and work around their timetables.

Business Ideas:

Working Online – Freelancers

The job where the world is your office!  In this line of work, you can basically work anywhere at any time as long as you have an internet connection. There are many services one can choose to work in.  In today’s world, the internet is used almost by every business and person worldwide, therefore, it will not be hard to find a decent work for yourself. There are many websites you can visit in order to find people or companies asking for services.

Web designer

Web designing is another option to work from anywhere. This line of work requires some education as it can get quite complex. However, nowadays there are several courses you can do online or at a university as a part-time course.   If you are a skilled web developer, there are many opportunities for you to establish your own web designing company. Apart from that, you also have the possibility to sell your designs online.


Whether you do it one to one or opt for tutoring in evening classes or online courses this work is a very rewarding one. You are sharing your experience and knowledge with other people. Also, you can work at your own time with personal tutoring. The more qualified you are, the more opportunities in different sectors you have.

Selling products online

You can do this by establishing your own shopping store online. Many people use websites such as eBay to buy products online and resell them to their customers. This type of business works well with products that are not currently available

Personal Training

One of the most popular amongst expats! During the past years, personal fitness training increased significantly as the health and fitness awareness increases. Provided that you have prior experience in this sector, you can opt to work at your own home, public or private gyms and also other people’s homes. This line of work gives you the opportunity to engage in fitness activities while teaching other people. You can keep fit while keeping other people in shape too.

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