Business immigration and the German Market entry

Updated on
September 11, 2022

Specifically for wise foreign entrepreneurs

How to become an active player in the German market? How to get a residence permit as a self-employed? How to win the market and leave your competitors miles behind? These are the questions that 99% of foreigners have. And only few of them reach their goals in the German market.

Enter and conquer the German market with masters of market domination! Nexus-Europe GmbH is an ideal choice for you if:

  1. You want to get a residence permit in Germany as a self-employed and minimize the risk of being declined.
  2. You want to form a company in Germany for a right reason: opening a company to get a residence permit or to become number 1 in your niche are two different goals. Each requires a different approach.
  3. You need an effective strategy without wasting your resources.
  4. You are tired of specialists who offer yet another theoretical solution.
  5. You need your business to be run by premium level experts without being forced to pay 100 000 euro salary.

See how we are different:

  1. Premium quality specialists at beneficial costs. Most of Nexus specialists posses doctorate degrees in economics, law, applied mathematics. They have outstanding international practical experience and keep their knowledge up to date. Works of Nexus-Europe GmbH CEO were presented at conferences along with such peers of economics as Nobel laureates Dr. John Nash and Dr. Aumann.
  1. You get only fulfillable solutions. All projects are guided by certified Project Management Professionals (PMP). Expertise in 47 bodies of knowledge, years of practical experience in planning, executing and controlling the projects of all levels are mandatory to earn the prestigious PMP certificate. That is why the strategy is always fullfilable and projects are optimized.
  1. Specifically for foreign entrepreneurs. Dr. Mamkina, CEO of Nexus-Europe GmbH, obtained not only a residence because of business, but her German citizenship. Unlike theoreticians who never travel that pass themselves, we know traps and dangers that foreigners meet. Our contacts and experience work to defend our customers from major failures both on the way to get a residence permit and winning the German market.
  1. Minimized risks. Each project is thoroughly planned and permanently monitored. We use best practices during planning, implementation and project control. Whether we just work on your residence permit or build a factory, all risks are immediately addressed and adjustments are made.
  1. Implementing the strategy in practice. Opened a company, but do not have time or desire to put business on rail? We can fulfill projects on your behalf following the highest Project Management standards: hire staff on your behalf and get subcontractors, establish distribution networks, organize participation in exhibitions to name just a few. With us you are on time and on budget because all projects are guided by certified Project Management Professionals (PMP).

Become a winner in the German Market with Nexus-Europe GmbH! Contact us right now to get your individual solution:

Nexus-Europe GmbH

Tel:  0049 (30) 34330519 (in English)

Tel:  0049 (30) 34330969 (in German)

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