Car Insurance in Germany

Updated on
October 9, 2023

Germany Car Insurance

Ensuring you're correctly covered by car insurance in Germany can be a complicated affair, but it's an essential for drivers looking for full accident and liability cover. In Germany, before a driver can register a vehicle, they must be able to present proof of third party liability coverage in case of any damages or injuries caused to another driver, passenger, car or property. Although it's possible for drivers to take to the roads without comprehensive cover, including collision cover, most insuring institutions and those financing the purchase of a vehicle will ask for this. For first time buyers, this can significantly raise costs, combined with already above-average insurance costs in Germany.

Factors Influencing Insurance Premiums in Germany

The cost of insurance in Germany depends on numerous factors. As with most countries, the most inexperienced drivers may more than those who've been behind the wheel for longer. Those drivers with high powered, high performance vehicles are also more likely to pay an insurance premium. For motorists living in cities and urban areas, the everyday cost of insurance is comparatively high to their fellow motorists in more rural districts, while those with previous accidents and violations on their driving record are also prone to pay higher premiums for the same insurance packages.

Transferring Your Driving Record for Optimal Deals

Even if you're a non German driver, it's possible to transplant your strong driving record over to new territory. Asking your current, or most recent insurance provider, for an acknowledgement of your history and performance is a good idea if you're looking for a better deal in Germany. If an agent dismisses this, move on to another insurance agent to ensure the best deal possible.

From Basic to Comprehensive Protection Options

In Germany, drivers are only required to carry third party liability insurance as a minimum, although more extensive coverage is recommended. Full and comprehensive coverage that covers any damage sustained to your own, or another car, as well as injuries sustained by either party, are available and advised for total peace of mind. Other types of coverage are also available to cover the costs incurred from accidental damage, theft and other accidents incurred while the vehicle is stationary. In more extreme cases, insurance can be purchased to cover the death or life-changing injury sustained by passengers, should the worst happen. Although complete coverage can be pricey, many of the most premium packages offer deductibles, and tend to include a complete suite of cover.

If you're only renting a car in Germany, your rental agency can apply short term insurance to cover the amount of time you'll be driving. Many agencies insist upon some sort of collision cover in case of accidents. For international visitors and expatriates alike, most German car insurance agencies offer streamlined services and resources to drivers, confused by the German specific insurance laws. Most agents will usually issue drivers with International Green Cards as proof of car insurance in Germany, that can be presented throughout Europe in case of an accident, or if the details are requested by local law enforcement.

MIRASCON Car Insurance Plans

MIRASCON is a reputable car insurance company that offers customizable coverage options to fit the specific needs and budgets of all types of drivers. With over 30 years of experience, the company has a deep understanding of the unique challenges that come with living in a foreign country, like the language barriers or confusing policies that can be a hindrance to a customer’s peace of mind. The company is committed to making things easy for customers and are offering 24/7 Europe-wide road assistance and an easy-to-use online claims filing system. Interested individuals are encouraged to get in touch with them to learn more about their coverage options for expats in Germany.

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