Coworking & Virtual Offices in Berlin

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September 21, 2022

Choosing the right working space is a crucial subject that entrepreneurs and business owners spend ample resources. Workspaces start from traditional offices to modern offices like Coworking and virtual offices in Berlin. All these office alternatives offer viable options, but eventually, the one you opt for, depends on your needs and budget.

The traditional office spaces are used by all sorts of professionals, including freelancers and contractors. But the traditional office is quite demanding, inquiring more costs to maintain its purpose. While finding a great office space to run your business can be somewhat challenging at first, our aim with this guide is to simplify the whole process for you and present you with valuable options for your business in Germany.

Understanding the Difference between Coworking and Virtual Offices in Berlin

Coworking offices are physical locations and come in many designs that entrepreneurs opt for. Some renters who work in partnership utilize these coworking spaces very often, as it offers the ideal solution. A coworking office is functional for entrepreneurs and small firms since it is affordable will all necessities a traditional office, offers.On the other hand, virtual offices in Berlin, differ from co-working offices, having their existence solely virtual and not physical. When renting this type of virtual office, you get all components found in a practical office, such as call answering services, a physical address, and a reception. Such virtual office spaces are perfect for business owners who run their business while at home or from a separate location. Entrepreneurs use it as their business address instead of using the home address.

Virtual Offices in Berlin

Virtual office spaces in Berlin are often used when setting up a business. It acts as a physical address where clients and vendors can have their business meetings online. Also, it's very useful in connecting distant staff associates. You can get a virtual office Friedrichshain or Berlin Mitte and also in other business zones. You will have a professional address even while you work at home or in any other location. It's cheaper than the traditional office, and you can start your business as soon as you start renting one. (no need to do the moving in)The setting up of virtual offices in Berlin isn't as complex as you may think. It allows startups and new business owners to virtually connect a full team of professionals, in different locations, while reducing the operational costs to a low fraction of what you could spend on when setting up a traditional office. The reduction of expenses allows new entrepreneurs to invest in growing their business. All you need is an internet connection and you can access your office.Virtual offices in Berlin offer several standard services including:

  • Financial services such as, reimbursements and accounting.
  • A consistent post address that will keep forwarding all mails in your office.
  • Email forwarding services to executives, associates, and clients.
  • Call centre that answers all your company calls. They also use the exact trade script and name and then pass the message as you desire.
  • The virtual offices have professional fax lines where they respond quickly to any fax and dispatch it to your email address.
  • Professional website management, emails, and domain making your business accessible worldwide.
  • Administrative and secretarial services that cooperate with your team.

Some of the Top Virtual Offices in Berlin


Their virtual offices in Berlin provide all the needs that your business may desire. You can find hundreds of different virtual offices and services. Most virtual offices listed include; mail forwarding, scheduling services, professional call answering support, and networking opportunities. View Virtual Offices in Berlin

Virtual Office Berlin

Get a recognized and affordable address for your business. Their offices provide all virtual necessities like call forwarding services and live receptionists. Besides, it has fully-equipped workstations, high-speed internet, free access to conference rooms and local phone numbers.Some of their main services include:

  • Consultancy on Berlin Area
  • First-class registered address in Berlin
  • Berlin landline
  • Flexible work desks
  • Berlin-based Pas
  • Business consulting

View Virtual Offices in Berlin

Coworking Offices in Berlin

The capital city of Germany is famous for the abundance of old industrial buildings that when converted, make the perfect location for coworking office spaces. This attracts many investors, converting such spaces into a home for programmers, designers, artists, and freelancers.The Coworking offices not only provide a fully functional working space, but also a ground for motivation and a challenge. It lets freelancers, business people, and all home working professionals to meet and work in a productive setting while sharing ideas.Coworking office spaces in Berlin are often found in historical buildings, old department stores, and abandoned warehouses. Some of the Top Coworking offices in Berlin;

Kaos Berlin

Located in a large industrial building on the river spree banks that were previously, the Transformationswerk Ost & Kabelwerk factory. The Kaos Berlin coworking space is highly used by producers and designers having workshops, photography studio and desk space for their work. It's useful during exhibitions, and all workshops starting from craft brewing, furniture design to blacksmithing.Find a coworking space!


The abandoned Kindl brewery has had a makeover and is now the present-day art gallery. CRCLR house has taken its former storage greenhouse and warehouse which contains its high ceiling and raw aesthetics.

Agora Collective

It has a welcoming open floor plan full of windows and greenery, making it quite a unique workspace in Berlin. It's spacious, allowing workers to work together effectively. On every Wednesday there is a food assembly in the garden. People usually learn about sustainable food production and can use breaks to socialize.When workday strikes silence, there are plenty of workshops to engage in. The five floors of Agora, have a regular workspace, café, and silent workspace that makes it more appealing. Also, they give out daily passes and immovable desks, where the working space is 24/7. While visiting the café, you will get access on Monday to Friday from 10 am-7 pm.View this center for Collaborative Practises

Which one to Choose - Coworking vs Virtual Offices in Berlin?

Primarily this depends on two main factors;

  • Your budget
  • The need for your office

The two offices have specific qualities that differentiate each other as well as advantages and limitations. Virtual offices in Berlin have lower prices, making them cheaper than Coworking and traditional ones. With that being said, they still offer you a business address, conference space, and have a business phone number. Almost all virtual office platforms have call centers for call answering services.Virtual office spaces offer the advantage of being free to move to any place. It's flexible for you as an employer having all the freedom to travel and still work, as long as, you have internet connection and laptop. It makes your office more convenient since you can work at any place you wish while having the ability to remotely work with any other remote workers and talents.The virtual offices in Berlin provide you with a vast choice of addresses to choose from and you can find the top districts for your business to be located in. For instance, even when your business is small and during the start-up process, you can still hire a virtual office in the most popular street, home to leading market leaders.With that being said, virtual offices still have their limitations, primarily, not being able to access it physically.On the other hand, coworking offices have almost unlimited access to the physical location and many other benefits. For instance, many offer a conference area, scanners, break rooms, and even a kitchen.Like workshops, coworking offices encourage and challenge the creativity and productivity of entrepreneurs. Many workers praise the effectiveness of coworking offices and is one of the best ways for personal growth and networking with professionals.

Other Key Factors to Consider:

Apart from the main services that you require, there are some other factors you need to consider while choosing whether to get a coworking or virtual office in Berlin;

  • The process of registration: Each registration process differs depending on the company.  Check out the registration process and fees at an early stage.
  • Billing System: You should consider the billing periods, whether weekly, monthly or even yearly. Be aware of the contract duration and its rules.
  • Address status: What address do you want your business to be represented in? Depending on the nature of your business, this may or may not effect you.
  • What is their non-resident procedure: Check thoroughly the company’s requirements for non-residents.
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