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September 10, 2022
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Choosing a data center to host your IT infrastructure and needs is important to ensure business continuity and security for various compliance requirements. The data center services in Malta offered by CSL is a great match for large and small businesses – including those with special needs such as iGaming operators and financial institutions.

CSL can deliver standard and customised solutions, including private cloud hosting, managed services for those wanting to outsource all of their IT needs, and Bare-metal servers for more tech savvy businesses requiring only hardware.

Considering Your Data Security Needs

Depending on your business, keeping sensitive customer data today means strict adaption of various data security measures. Specially within the financial services industries and iGaming, various certifications are required, such as PCI-DSS. CSL’s approach is adding security measures in layers, so the foundation of data security is considered from the beginning and avoids disruptive adaption of your services at a later stage.

Disaster Recovery If Something Goes Wrong

Another important aspect of keeping your business running is a solid disaster recovery plan. CSL can host your recovery site and perform perioding drill testing to ensure the disaster recovery plan remains effective and meets the recovery time targets. The managed services will host your DR site in order to quickly recover and ensure business continuity.

Private Cloud Plans Providing The Power Your Business Needs

Medium to large businesses require powerful and flexible hosting to meet demand. The advantage of CSL are it’s privately owned and carrier neutral data center providing the flexibility, security and power to run any business. Their Service Level Agreement also includes a 2-hour time to fix on all hardware and software. Having a private cloud fully monitored and maintained by CSL provides full peace of mind and business continuity guaranteed.

Customised Solutions For Specific Needs

Sometimes businesses require specific security certifications or if legislations restrict solutions by needing physical dedicated systems locally. CSL provides a mix of individual services, fully fledged managed services or a customised hybrid cloud solution. This means they provide the best of both worlds based on a mix of cloud solutions integrated with other 3rd party services. They can handle the installation and configuration of various cloud tenants, cloud tunnels and data-base replication, amongst others.

German Businesses Requiring a EU data Center

With an increase in data security threats around the world, many businesses are now choosing cloud servers in the EU. Considering political trade-wars, many EU based companies are now favouring EU data centers compared to the American and Chinese dominating companies.A EU data center can both maintain the security standards adopted and ensure business continuity within its European ecosystem. Consider CSL data center services a great partner for all your data center and IT needs.

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