Discovering Germany with the family

Updated on
September 11, 2022

Moving to Germany with your family? Worry not, as Germany has tons of activities for the whole family. Travelling with the family can be more challenging, especially if you have young children. In order to have a successful move, you have to involve your family and ensure that the journey is also fun for them. A way to ease this is to visit places that the whole family can enjoy together.  In this article, we will give you five of the top places to go visit with your family in Germany.

German Factory Tours

Germany is renowned for its car manufacturing companies and exports thousands of cars every day. In these types of tours, you can watch and learn how these companies operate and build their German beauties. The tours can be enjoyed by the whole family and apart from seeing cars made from start to finish, there are also sweets and chocolates for the children. Apart from that, if you just moved to Germany and plan on purchasing a car, this might be the place to find an attractive deal.

Filmpark Babelsberg

Films have been part of our life for many years, but ever wondered how they are made? The Filmpark Babelsberg is the oldest largest film studio in the world and here you can see what goes behind the scenes in order to make an actual movie. If you are taking children with you, there is also an erupting volcano. Many famous films were made at this studio, including Metropolis and Calegari.

Tropical Islands

Not what you usually expect in Germany, however, at the Tropical Islands, the weather is never bad. Open 365 days a year, here you can find white sandy beaches, palm trees, waterfalls, pools, a rain forest, spa and wellness treatments. This water park is not only fun, but also the largest in the world.

Deutsches Museum

The museum of music, one of the largest and oldest technology and science museums in the world. Not only a fun experience but also educational, offering ample interactive exhibitions and also a place called the Kid’s Kingdom. Here, your children can get a hands-on experience on many different activities, such as flying a plane, driving a fire engine or playing large instruments. Apart from all these fun activities, the museum also offers ample historic artifacts.

Germany’s Castle Road

Enjoy a scenic, cultural and beautiful 625-mile long road commencing from Mannheim and finishing in Prague. In this journey, you and your family can enjoy all the ancient romantic and medieval ruins along the way. There are over seventy castles for you to explore.

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