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September 20, 2022
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Save Money On Currency Transfers with CurrencyFair

Managing money in Germany can be an expensive business for expats. Transferring currency between your new German account and your bank back home can incur excessive and unfair fees. That’s where we can help.

We’ve highlighted the main ways expats are using CurrencyFair to save money on international transfers.

1- Before your move

Aside from the planning and paperwork that goes into moving to Europe, you’re going to need Euros to get set up in your new country. Once your German bank account is set up, you’ll need cash available for rental deposits, furnishing your new home, getting around and general day-to-day expenses.  You can transfer money into Germany using CurrencyFair from 136 different countries and 14 different currencies.

2- Running your business

Are you setting up new business operations in Germany? Whether paying overseas suppliers, receiving funds from international customers or transferring funds between company accounts, dealing with currency transfers can be expensive and inefficient. Companies of all sizes rely on CurrencyFair’s fast, fair international business payments.

3- Managing salaries and savings

Salaries in Germany can be highly attractive, and offer an opportunity for expats to regularly transfer money back home. Managing monthly mortgage payments or sending money to family is simple and safe using CurrencyFair. Over 100,000 customers trust us with their money transfers.

4- Moving home

Is your time overseas coming to an end? Are you thinking about moving home? When the time comes you’ll need to transfer your savings back home. With a sizeable nest egg accumulated you’ll want a great exchange rate on your transfer. CurrencyFair’s bank-beating exchange rates help expats transfer money up to eight times cheaper than with a typical bank.

About CurrencyFair

CurrencyFair is the leading peer-to-peer currency exchange platform, that allows users to save money on international transfers. Opening an account is quick and easy. Start saving today. https://www.currencyfair.com/

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