Germany Trade Fair - Exhibitions Visa

Updated on
September 19, 2022

Trade Fair / Exhibitions Visa

This Trade Fair Exhibitions VISA information covers people who plan to visit a trade fair or exhibition in Germany, either visiting or as a participant.

Necessary documents, concerning a Trade Fair and Exhibitions VISA are:

An application form that has been fully completed, together with a signed declaration

Two passport photos

Genuine national passport

An A4 size copy of the data page re your passport

A cover letter regarding your company, together with complete travel plan

A confirmation letter from your health insurance company. This should mention minimum coverage of 30,000 euros, and concern emergency medical needs and/or hospitalization.

Exhibitor's/visitor's pass

Flight reservation, rail tickets, etc.

Proof of your accommodation details for all your time in the Schengen are

Certificate of Incorporation re company

Bank statements concerning your company from the last three months

Evidence of civil status, including (where applicable) marriage certificate, children's birth certificate(s), death certificate of wife/husband, ration card

For the self employed; proof of ownership such as Certificate of Proprietorship

Info on applying for a Trade Fair VISA

An application should be submitted at the German Embassy in your country. First-time applicants should submit their application in person, and bring along relevant documents. Regular travellers can submit their application through an agent/travel agency.To avoid processing delays, applying for a visa three weeks (or earlier) before travelling is recommended.

How to pay for the VISA

Applicants for a trade fair visa will have to pay for their visa via a bank transfer. Cheques or credit cards can not be used to pay for the visa. Any money order can't be older than two months, and the money order itself should be the name of the consulate of your country.Unfortunately, when a visa application is rejected then the applicant's Trade Fair Exhibitions visa fees will not be reimbursed by the relevant authorities. Also, the amount that is charged can also change at short notice.

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