How to Find the best English Speaking Dentists in Berlin

Updated on
September 21, 2022

In Berlin, expats do not only find a large number of professional dentists, but the majority of them also run facilities with state of the art clinics with the latest medical equipment. Residents in Berlin, have access to one of the best dental care systems in Europe.

Another important factor to note is that Germany doesn’t have a dentists’ shortage, even in its most remote regions. One of the largest concerns for expats who do not speak the German language, is whether it's challenging to find an English speaking dentist in Berlin. Navigating through the health system may not be the easiest if you do not speak German, however, this guide will help you understand the aspects of the German dental system and get you connected with some of the most renowned English speaking dentists in Berlin.

The Healthcare System in Germany

The German Health care system offers semi-privatized healthcare, when it comes to dentistry, which implies that, patients may need to contribute towards their healthcare costs, depending on their health insurance plans.

Public Health Insurance and Dental Care in Berlin

The public health insurance (Gesetzliche Krankenversicherung) in Germany, has reduced the dental treatments it covers, with the aim to decrease as much as possible, expenses. While in the process of searching for English speaking dentists in Berlin, its good to note that, medically-necessary and simple treatments are all covered. However, when it comes to cosmetic dentistry and the more complicated procedures, will either have to be fully or partially paid for by the patient.

Dental care covered under Public health insurance includes:

  • Basic fillings
  • Dental checkups every 6 months
  • Teeth Cleaning every 12 months

Patients are provided with an option to get the more expensive and complex treatments if they are willing to pay the balance. Those requiring advanced treatment often get sent to a hospital to be seen by a doctor. Alternatively dentists can also prescribe antibiotic treatment or other medications. Make sure to ask for an estimate on any dental procedure prior to anything being done. This is especially crucial if the treatment you require is more advanced. Having obtained the cost estimate, send it to the insurance provider to see if and what is covered by the public health insurance.

Private Health Insurance and Dental Care in Berlin

When it comes to Private health insurance (private Krankenverischerung) in Berlin, the reimbursement amounts will depend on the type of plan you opt for. Major dental work may be covered up to 100% depending on the insurance policy. You have to ensure you are fully aware of the insurer’s policy prior to getting any dental work done. This is to guarantee the procedure will be fully covered and avoid any unpleasant surprises.

If you have just acquired a new policy, inquire about the inclusion period. If your policy has this in its contract, it means your insurer will not make any reimbursements for dental work done during this period. Always make it a point to check the insurance policy for the full detail.

Additional Dental Insurance

In Berlin, this is known as Zahnzusatzverischerung. You can buy a supplementary health insurance policy for your dental care. This is meant to supplement the coverage offered by your private health insurance or public insurance. For the additional dental insurance, you will have to pay additionally depending on the type and treatment levels you wish to be reimbursed.

Finding English Speaking Dentists in Berlin

If you are new to the city, worry not as it’s not as hard as you may think to find English speaking dentists in Berlin. Platforms like WhatClinic, is a directory with names and addresses of more than 50 Berlin-based dental clinics. Despite that you have access to many dentists in Berlin, your challenge might be where are you going to find an English speaking one and ideally that had previous experience with expats. To make it easier for you we selected a number of reputable English speaking dentists in Berlin, that not only speak the language but also recommended by previous expat-clients.

In your search for a dentist, make sure to understand the treatment costs and your policy, before sending their details to your insurer.

List of English Speaking Dentists in Berlin

Effinghausen & Schneider

In addition to possessing years of experience offering dental care, Effinghausen & Schneider also have a modern laboratory ultra-fitted with everything needed to offer outstanding service. Their English speaking dentists in Berlin, are committed to providing comprehensive dental services, including cosmetic dentistry, restorative dentistry, and preventive dentistry.

Effinghausen & Schneider
Address: Jägerstraße 70, 10117 Berlin
Telephone: (030) 20 44 777

Zahnkultur Berlin

Zahnnkultur Berlin have combined all their specialized services in a single facility in order, to offer a more inclusive service to their clientele. If you would like to receive any dental service, from oral surgery to pediatric dentistry and prophylaxis, all you need to do is to make your way to their office situated in Adlershof District, Berlin.

At the clinic you will find a highly qualified and dedicated team, waiting to cater to all your dental needs. Their team is trained to care for any young and/or adult patients who may be anxious about visiting the dentist.

Zahnkultur Berlin
Address: Treskowallee 112, 10318 Berlin-Karlshorst
Telephone: +49 (0)30 500 123 30

Got a Dental Emergency?

If you get a dental emergency and need to visit an English speaking dentist in Berlin, after opening hours, public holidays or weekends, you can rest assured that you will always find a dentist or walk-in clinic open. In case of emergency, simply go on the Ansage und Vermittlung Zahnärztlicher Notdienst, enter your area code and telephone number and you will be provided with a dentist that is on emergency duty in your vicinity. This does not assure that the dentist will be an English speaking dentist. Regardless, whether you find an English Speaking dentist or not, it is always recommended to learn the basics of the German Language if you are living in Berlin.

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