How To Register in Germany

Updated on
October 25, 2022

Once you arrive in Germany, one of the first things that you have to do is register your residence. Initially, you have to find a place for you to stay and then proceed with registering. You can do this at your closest registration office. In this article, you will find everything you need to know about the registration process, which documents are required and additional tips that will help you avoid fees and long processes.

1.    Residence registration

For all the residents in Germany, the registration process is mandatory by law and if you do not register, you are liable to pay a fine. The German name for the residence registration is, ‘Anmeldung’.

2.    Who needs to register in Germany?

  • Anyone who is planning to reside in Germany for more than three months.
  • Anyone who plans to study or work.
  • Anyone who needs to sign a contract within Germany.

If you are planning to visit Germany as a tourist, you do not to register your residence.

3.    By when do you need to register your residence?

You have to keep in mind that if you want to sign any contracts in Germany, you must have registered your residence. Therefore, register as soon as possible, once you find accommodation.

The law states that you have register your residence within two weeks that you arrive in Germany, however, it is not abnormal that such process takes you more than two weeks to be completed. The important thing is that you at least make an appointment within your first two weeks in Germany.

4.    What happens if you do not find a place to stay before the two weeks pass?

As long as you are still living as a ‘tourist’, meaning staying at a hotel or hostel, you are not required to register. The registration process can only be completed once you have your tenancy agreement, as proof that you will be residing in that property.

It is recommended that you start searching for a place to stay well before your arrival in Germany and only visit your top picks once you arrive there. This is will help speed the process of finding a property to stay in.

5.    Documents required for registering your residence

You have to take the following documents at the registration office in the city you are staying in:

  • Registration form (You can find the link for the registration form at the end of the article)
  • Tenancy agreement
  • Identification or Passport
  • If you have other members living with you, you need to take official certificates that prove their identity and relationship.

For students only – When registering your residence in Germany, you can get €50 just for registering. Download and print the ‘Welcome Money’ application and hand it in when you go to register your residence. In order to get this form, simply search in google for ‘Begrüßungsgeld’, together with the name of the university you are going to attend.

6.    Making the appointment with the registration office

Once you have prepared all the documents required, you have to make an appointment. In order to do this, you can either call the registration office or you can also apply online.

  • Registration Office Hotline number – 030 115
  • Depending on which city you are living in, you can apply for appointment online.

Need help with your residence registration process?  

Visit and fill out their Digital Registration Form to register your address in Germany.

Enter the information in your preferred language and receive the filled in Anmeldung form instantly translated to German. Then hand it in to the appropriate citizens office (Bürgeramt), equipped with the necessary information for yourself and the public official.

myGermanExpert will guide you step by step throughout your registration process.

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