How to keep a low phone bill in Germany

Updated on
September 20, 2022

With a German SIM card, you can call your friends and fellow students at an affordable cost. You can opt to sign a phone contract or buy a pre-paid card. If you are look to operate your calls with a landline, you can sign a contract with a convenient phone company. Further, knowing the contract span between you and your phone company is important. Affordable offers are provided to students and it’s advisable to compare different service providers’ prices for the best offer.

Mobiles and Smartphones

Most students in Germany have a smartphone or a cellphone as they find them easier to use from home rather than the landlines. For international students, it is convenient for them to purchase a mobile phone card from Germany providers. This provides an easier mode to keep in contact with friends and family while in Germany as it offers reduced cost of making calls and texting compared using a foreign mobile card.

Essentially, there are two ways one can acquire a smartphone in Germany. You can signup for a mobile phone contract or purchase a prepaid card.When you sign a contract, you agree to become a customer for a specified period of time. Always keep in mind the duration of contract you sign for. Naturally such contracts come with a monthly base fee. The provider in return supplies you with the latest smartphone at a small fee. In the event you need to prolong the contract you can replace your phone with a new model. When signing a mobile phone contract, make sure you well understand the conditions and rates and don’t forget to read the fine print. It is always important to take a glance at the student rates.

On the other hand, prepaid cards have no contractual obligation and offer more flexibility. For prepaid cards you can purchase them without. In the event you purchase a prepaid card, you receive a specified amount of credit. This credit is debited when you text call or surf. When you run out of credit, you can recharge the mobile card by either buying credit online, at supermarket, drugstore or a kiosk.

If you spend much time surfing, you consider getting a flat rate per month, which is more affordable than paying for each call, you make. Websites like the Handytarife und Prepaid-Vergleich (only in German) can help you compare the offers. For further information, you can inquire from your student council, or consult other international students who also make lots of international calls.

Landlines In Germany

Getting a landline connection at home is a reasonable alternative if you don’t want rely solely on your mobile phone or smartphone. Various phone companies provide landline service at different rates. To get landline services, it is a primary requirement to sign up a contract with a landline provider company. Most landlines have an Internet connection and a flat rate whereby international calls are not included in the fixed rates.Some services in particular countries may be included in a special plan. To compare prices and offers it is advisable to visit several websites such as clever-telefonieren (only in German) that can help you find the best offers.


Using call-by- call is a viable way to save money on video calls via the Internet mostly on international calls. These are dialing codes, which enable you to benefit from cheap providers even when you are in contract with another company. Prior to making a call select the cheapest provider and dial the matching code. However, on the flip side mot all companies recognize call-by-call numbers, so it’s prudent to inquire on this before registering for a landline. Comparing the cheapest call-by-call offers available visit Handytarife or teltarif (only in German).

Public telephones are going extinct in Germany. The coin-operated models are still in existence as well as phones, which accept credit cards – usually at airports. However, public phones are expensive; if you need to make longer calls or international calls, its advisable to use a telephone café. Telephone cafes are present in every German city; here you buy phone cards and also benefit from special international call rates.

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