Language Schools in Berlin & Why Learn German

Language Schools in Berlin & Why Learn German

Language Schools in Berlin & Why Learn German

Walking in the streets of Berlin, you’ll instantly hear many different languages spoken in the roads, proving that Germany is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Europe. Due to many international and English-speaking expats relocating to the Berlin, communicating in English is possible. However, many visitors come to Germany with the ambition to learn German too. There are hundreds of opportunities to do this thanks to the hundreds of German language courses available in Berlin.Despite the fact that the majority of residents in Berlin speak in English, knowing the native tongue is always considered an advantage when it come to working, studying and communicating on daily basis.For anyone considering learning German in Berlin, we’ve come up with 3 reasons why you should and researched thoroughly some of the most reputable language schools across the city. We have based our findings on client reviews, value for money and accreditation.

3 Reasons why you should learn German

Free Education

If you are relocating to Berlin to study, learning German can seriously help your finances. In Germany, some institutions charge around 500Euro per semester, however, the majority of institutions provide tuition for free. This can be a major benefit to students as in some other countries, such as the UK, tuition can cost up to 9,000 pounds per year. University fees in Germany are paid by taxpayers, therefore, both local and international students benefit from free education. One of the main requirements to be accepted in such universities is that you have to prove your proficiency in German.

New opportunities

When learning German, many new opportunities arise. You can find work easier, get accepted to tuition, communicate with more people and last but not least, discover a whole new internet. Around 5.8% of all websites are written in German. There is a whole network to be discovered by German speakers.

Easy to learn

At first glance, German can be perceived as a challenging language to learn, however, it is a fact that German belongs in the same language family tree as English. Unlike many other languages, English and German fall under the Germanic branch of the Indo – European language family. A lot of in words used often in English are still used in German. This makes learning German for English speakers less challenging.

Top language schools in Berlin

In the section below, you will find the language schools in Berlin that are recommended for English speaking expats new to Germany.

Alpadia Berlin

ALPADIA is a leading provider of language stays in Europe for over 20 years. Located in one of the trendiest neighbourhoods of Berlin - Schöneberg, their German language programmes are designed for total immersion in the local culture and lifestyle of Germany for students from all around the world. Without a doubt, this is the most effective method to progress and to ensure long-lasting knowledge of a foreign language.ALPADIA provides German language courses, accommodation and immersion activities.

Courses options:

  • Standard course / Intensive course / Premium course: with 20, 25 or 30 lessons per week
  • Exam preparation courses: with 30 lessons a week, this course is designed for students preparing for the German TELC or TestDaF exam.
  • Language & internship / work experience / volunteering
  • Private classes
  • University Pathway programmes

Accommodation options:

  • Student Apartment
  • Student Residence
  • Host Family
  • Hotel and Bed & Breakfast
  • Self-catering Homestay (WG)

Visit Alpadia for more information or contact directly via – info@alpadia.com


With locations in Vienna, Munich, Berlin, Hamburg and Bratislava, DeutschAkademie is one of the leading language schools specializing in German as foreign language instruction.  The school was founded in Vienna in 1999.  Their goal is to offer excellence in every way: high quality instruction, affordable prices, and high customer satisfaction. The experience of learning German at DeutschAkademie is reflected in their slogan – With fun to success! Guaranteed!Their course participants come to them from everywhere around the world not only to learn a new language, but also to discover the people and cultures of Europe’s German-speaking communities.  DeutschAkademie offers a comprehensive course selection including intensive, semi-intensive, grammar, conversation, and exam preparation courses as well as private lessons.  Intensive courses with 20 instructional hours are also available for participants who need to fulfill visa requirements.Their 12-level course model (A1 - C2) is based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Through their free assessment test, they will find the most appropriate language course for you. The biggest advantage of learning German at DeutschAkademie in Berlin is their high quality of instruction as well as the outstanding price-performance ratio.  Their excellence in language instruction is reflected in their selection of great instructors, small class sizes, their communicative language teaching methodology, and their assessment methods. Moreover, they are the only language school in Berlin that offers courses with a quality guarantee!

Advantages of learning German at DeutschAkademie include

Three locations in Berlin:  KaDeWe (Wittenbergplatz), Alexanderplatz and Fernsehturm

  • Best price-performance ratio (325 Euro for 4 week intensive course, which meets Monday-Thursday, three hours per day)
  • Qualified language instructors
  • Small, international groups (6 – 11 participants)
  • Free assessment test
  • Various course times (8:30 – 11:30; 11:45 – 14:45; 15:00 – 18:00; 18:15 – 21:15)
  • Quality guarantee

For more information please visit their website:  www.deutschakademie.de.

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