Language Schools in Frankfurt

Updated on
April 12, 2023

If you happen to find yourself in the beautiful German city, Frankfurt, whether you are there for working, studying or simply as a resident, one particular skill will make your experience much more enjoyable is learning the German Language. Despite the many English-speaking residents in Frankfurt, knowing and understanding the native language is always super helpful be it for your personal or professional life. And what better way to learn German than to be in Frankfurt, with native German speakers?

The more you are ‘forced’ to communicate in German, the quicker you will be able to learn the language. There are few better places better than Frankfurt, to learn German as it offers unique history, vibrant culture, stable economy, ample leisure activities, quality of life and is known as one of the best cities for international expats to live in.

In the article below, we highlight three of the most recommended language schools in Frankfurt. The language schools were carefully selected by comparing client’s reviews, ratings, value for money and accreditation.


Study German in Germany with Evolanguage! The language school boasts its ability to learn the German language in the shortest time at some of the most affordable rates. The school is situated in the heart of Frankfurt, however, also operates in Munich, Hamburg and other cities. Despite promoting affordability, Evolanguage does not lack quality, in fact it is home to very high standards in a professional setting. As many students put in their excellent evaluations of evolanguage, this school offers a reliable language training with positive inputs and outputs. This is done at simply performative pedagogic levels with all you need for learning quickly, correctly and emphatically German as well as other languages.

You can find several different courses to choose from; commencing from basic courses to learn the basics to high intensive courses that focus on learning German fast, prepare for exams and specifically designed for people with time limitations. You can even opt for just evening classes, learn the language for business use or even inhouse training for companies. Evolanguage, also provides courses for children and for medical staff.

Last but not least, Evolanguage also provides the possibility of learning the German language through an online course. They have virtual classrooms in which you can learn, anywhere you are at any time you will like. Learning online is easy and fun, and during the course you can get to communicate with native speakers while always having the assistance of a professional teacher.

Evo language school

For more information about their courses visit

Web: Evolanguage


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