Learning German In Berlin

Updated on
September 11, 2022

Traveling to the destination country you wish to learn the language of, is a great way of completely immersing yourself in the language. You surround yourself with native speakers to accelerate your learning process. There are many language schools in Germany who all offer courses designed for foreign students. In this article we will explain the benefits of learning German in Berlin.

Why You Should Be Learning German in Berlin

Being in the country where the language is spoken, offers a complete different way of learning the language. It gives you the possibility to experience the culture and practice the language every minute of the day. Since you are surrounded by native speakers you might even pick up on those German slang words which you don't learn in the typical language courses.

Experiencing German culture can also help you understand the language better, especially those unique to the Berlin area. the Berliners speak with a very distinctive accent and by being surrounded by them, you will much easier pick up the way of speaking in this area. By learning the language in Berlin, you might even start sounding like a proper Berliner by time!

Getting The Most Out Of Your Stay In Berlin

Learning German in Berlin is not as simple as just showing up and chatting with the locals. Stay away from the tourist areas in particular so you get that extra practice instead of speaking English with tourists. Try to mingle with Germans as much as possible, specially those that speak very little English so you can really practice your skills.

When you are learning German in Berlin, you will also have plenty of free time between classes. This is the perfect time to put effort into mingling and meeting Germans. After all, your goal is to learn the language, so between the classes you should really get out there and practice what you just learnt. Practice makes perfect, so roll up your sleeves and take every opportunity to learn. Perhaps a brew at the bar will help you loosen up a little too while socializing with the locals.

Ready to learn German in Berlin? Book your flight and get ready to become a Berliner! If you have not yet found a German language course, read our other articles about language schools, apps and courses you can attend and use during your stay in Berlin.

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