Low Cost Airlines flying to Germany!
Low Cost Airlines flying to Germany!

Low Cost Airlines flying to Germany!

Low Cost Airlines flying to Germany!

There are many reasons why one would consider going to Germany either permanently or just for a holiday. Home to the largest economy in Europe, Germany offers numerous job opportunities, accompanied with high standards of living. Thousands of international expats and students move to Germany every year to further their learning and working possibilities.

But how do you go to Germany? One has various options, you can either drive there, catch a ferry or else fly there. Flying is usually the most expensive, however, in the recent years, low cost airlines grew immensely and now you can fly to Germany at very low rates. In this article, we will give you some of the main airline companies that fly to and from Germany.

Low-Cost airlines:

Ryanair: ryanair.com

  • Largest low cost airline company.
  • Usually flies to secondary airports
  • First Low cost airline in Europe
  • Est: 60 million passengers per annum
  • 195 airplanes
  • Flies to over 26 countries
  • More than 800 routes

Easy Jet: easyJet.com

  • Europe’s second largest
  • Flies to several main airports
  • Over 100 destinations (132 airports)
  • Flies to 31 countries
  • More than 800 routes

Germanwings: germanwings.com

  • Owned by Lufthansa
  • 26 aircrafts
  • Flies to over 70 airports
  • Over 150 destinations

Air Berlin: airberlin.com

  • Germany’s second biggest airline
  • Affiliated/owned with Lufthansa
  • 136 airplanes
  • Flies to over 130 destinations

TUIfly: tuifly.com/en

  • Third largest airline company in Germany
  • More than 12.5 million passengers per annum
  • Flies to 80 destinations and 17 countries

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