Medical Emergency in Germany? Here is what to do

Updated on
September 20, 2022

What to do in case of emergency in Germany? Not feeling well or have family or friends need quick medical attention? Unfortunately, most of the time. these things occur when we least expect them and catch us off guard. However, in some cases, the quick thinking and the right resources can be the difference between life and death. In this article, you can find useful tips you can use in case an emergency arises, while you are in Germany.

There are two options to deal with emergencies in Germany, choosing between the three options entirely depends on how serious the emergency is. Both numbers are available 24/7.

116 117 – This number is to be called when the issue is not life threatening or not extremely serious. In the case you are not feeling well during the night, or you start feeling unknown symptoms or suffering from minor injuries, you can call this number in order to talk with a German doctor. Once you discuss the matter at hand, there is the option for the doctor to come to your location and even provide medicinal supplies. If the doctor believes you are in a bad state, he can choose to call an ambulance.

112 – This number is solely to be used in case of emergency. In reality this number first connects you with the fire brigade, however, in Germany it acts as a general emergency number. When you call, always remember to state:

  • Location
  • Your identity
  • The problem or emergency

Once you do this, they will contact the closest hospital to your location and emergency services will be on your way.

Drive to the hospital yourself - Alternatively, you can drive to the hospital yourself, however, depending on if and how bad you are injured. It is also more recommended to call for help, rather than drive yourself, as when you are under a stressful circumstance, you might be prone to do mistakes that will worsen the situation.

If you opt to go to the hospital, it is important to remember to take proof of your health insurance and identification. For more information about health insurance, kindly visit our insurance section on our page.Other good to know tips:

  • Police number – 110
  • Hospital – Krankenhaus
  • Proof of health insurance – Gesundheitskarte
  • It is recommended to carry save these emergency contact numbers somewhere easy to access
  • Also always carry identification and the proof of health insurance with you

Good luck & stay safe!

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