Moving to Munich? Here are some Tips!

Updated on
September 23, 2022

One of the largest cities in Germany, is also one that offers the highest quality of life. The city is renowned for its prosperous economy, wealth, technological advancement and greenery.  Munich has a lot of everything and whether you are an expat or student planning to move to Munich, rest assured that you will not regret it.  It offers countless opportunities for expats to grow in their careers and for students to attend optimum universities.

Below we provide you with some tips to consider before and when moving to Munich. Once you managed to find work in Munich, it’s time to start thinking about living! Firstly, make sure you decide which area or municipality you want to live in, that satisfies your interests, needs and wants. See our article on Top municipalities in Munich recommended for expats for more information.

Once you decided on which area matches your requirements, it’s time to find a decent and comfortable apartment for you to live in. Each and every municipal has its advantages and disadvantages and the rental prices vary according to the area selected.

Do not worry, as you will find many alternatives that fit within the ‘normal’ budget. Moreover, it is recommended that even before you choose an apartment, you open a German bank account as in some instances you cannot rent an apartment without having a bank account.

The next step is to find an internet provider. This step can take around two to four weeks to have it installed in your apartment so make sure you do it as soon as you can to avoid unpleasant days without internet access!  After the internet is settled, check if there is the option of linking your phone plan with the same internet provider. There are several internet providers in Munich and they have great offers on plans and phones.

Once you settle in your apartment, you will automatically be signed up with the electricity provider SWM. It is a standard electricity provider which as any other has its benefits and disadvantages, however, make sure to have a look at other providers and check the rates they offer.

As an expat moving to a new country, we recommend that you seek interactive programs and groups that have similar interests and/or experiences. These social groups help you meet other expats and people in the same situation as you. Not only will you get excellent advice on your move to Munich but it is also a great way to make friends and meet new people!Enjoy Munich!

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