Opportunities for family members
Opportunities for family members

Opportunities for family members

Opportunities for family members

Family members have various options available in Germany.  Apart from the never ending entertainment and leisure activities, they can opt to work or in the case of the children to continue with their education.

For expats from the EU, they can bring their spouses and children aged under 21, parents and grandparents as long as they are financially secured and can provide enough living space.  This also applies for members out of the EU and when it comes to work, the family members are immediately granted a residence permit entitling them to unrestricted rights to be employed in Germany.  The only difference for expats out of the EU is that in order to bring the children they have to be under 18 years old.  One also has to consider the conditions of the size of the accommodation, the ability of the resident person to support dependents and a basic knowledge of German.

If the children can speak German, it will be very easy for them to access the German technical and traditional universities.  If they cannot speak German, the language should not be a barrier.  There are many international schools for children to attend that offer various courses taught in English.  If they just want to continue on their diploma or degree from their home country, this is also possible once it is recognized in Germany.

For further information please visit: http://www.gabriellschool.de

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