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Updated on
January 25, 2023

What are they doing?

Helping people achieve financially worry-free retirement where they can maintain their accustomed standard of living.

How are they doing this?

By offering a tailored solution and a smart, tax-efficient way to invest for a safe and secure financial future. The goal is to close their customer's pension gap and/or enable them to retire early.

Why are they different than other financial advisors/providers of private pensionplans?

  • They are significantly less costly than the other private pension plans offered on the market;
  • Unlike other providers, especially the market leaders, they charge no upfront fees and the lowest ongoing fees;
  • They offer unbiased advice and explain the common pension products in Germany and especially their drawbacks, that nobody else will tell you about;
  • They create awareness of the major risk of the pension gap and offer individual solutions to close it;
  • They consult customers online for free, from the comfort of their homes. They’re objective and independent. And they’re expat-friendly: All of their services and information are available in English.

What are the highlights of their services?

  • They offer unbiased advice and are completely transparent about their investment philosophy;
  • Their Pensionfriend ETF selection outperforms the benchmarks of MSCI World and S&P 500;
  • Their private pension plan acts as a kind of "tax wrapper", which further increases the ROI of their customers through tax advantages;
  • Their pension plan offers their customers’ maximum flexibility; they can pause or adjust their contributions as needed;
  • Their pension gap calculator is the most comprehensive and precise available in the German market;
  • They give tons of valuable tips and insights on their blog.

Learn more about Pensionfriend

Pensionfriend GmbH
Torstraße 92
10119 Berlin
Tel.: +49 322 1112 1577
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