Performance Management at the work place

Updated on
September 11, 2022

Performance Management

Good job performance means when the employee feels part of the organization and work effectively and efficiently to increase productivity for their own interest and liking of the company. At the end of their working journey, the employee would have strived to leave the work place a better place than when they entered.  Good performance comes out of the consistency of motivated and engaged employees. With that being said, performance has to be measured and managed.

Performance management is primarily a tool, a management tool with the intention to measure the objective performance of an employee. According to the management thinker, Peter Drucker, ‘what you cannot measure, you cannot manage.’ Measuring performance allows managers to find the best processes in the company to work efficiently and effectively. Furthermore, it makes the managers aware if there is improvement and what needs to be done and how.

Performance management is an assessment which is carried out by the employer and/or manager. There are two types of assessments:

  • Job assessment
  • Employee assessment

It is necessary to look for the value of the job to be able to identify the relativity between the jobs. Through a job assessment a manager would be able to identify how to be more objective in the way they distribute salaries. For example, if for a managing director one distributes 50,000 they need to assess what a supervisor s job is equal to? This provides you with how much wage the lower coordinates are entitled to. On the other hand, employee assessment is specifically designed and developed to assess the performance of an employee at a particular point in time.

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