Recruitment process in Germany

Updated on
September 11, 2022

One of the first priorities when moving to a new country is finding a job. Once you find the desired job, submit your application and wait for confirmation. If your application is approved, the next step is to go through the recruitment process. The exact process might vary slightly from a company to the other, however, more often than not, it includes four steps. Even though, this process might take some time, do not give up!

Step 1

Usually, one of the first steps is a phone interview. During the phone interview, you will be asked general questions and clarify the information you have on your CV. Keep in mind that in the first phase, you will likely to be still in competition with more applicants, therefore, try your best to stand out. When preparing for the phone interview, wear as if you will be meeting them face to face, as this might help with your confidence level. Before the phone conversation write down any questions you want to ask and ideally, try rehearsing it with someone.

Step 2

Once you have gone through the phone interview, you will be sent a competency test, to test your basic skills and knowledge. Not all companies utilize this method, but it is often used in big companies.

Step 3

If you managed to impress the recruiter in the first two steps, you will be asked to meet for a face to face interview.  This is usually the last step of the recruitment process, so make sure you do not mess it up. By now you should have learned clearly what the job entails and whether you want it or not. Be confident and ensure that you are fully prepared for any potential questions asked in the interview. Most of the time, the recruiter has a set of questions prepared to ask such as, your weaknesses, past experiences and problem-solving questions. If you prepared any questions, do not be shy to ask. You can also ask when you should expect their feedback.

Step 4

Most of your work is done by now and all you can do it was for the company’s decision. In this time, you will also have chance to decide and compare any other potential vacancies. Sometimes, you might have to wait some days or weeks to hear from the company, but do not worry as the recruitment process tends to be time consuming. If you still do not hear anything from them after the mentioned waiting time, feel free to send them an email or call them.

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