Relocating to Berlin? Discover 7 Things You Should Know

Updated on
September 11, 2022

In most instances, people travel abroad for work commitments. Like any other city, moving to Berlin has its challenges. In order to facilitate relocating to Berlin, we prepared 7 things every expat in Berlin should know, in order to adapt swiftly to their new home. Living in a foreign country can be exciting as it presents a chance for learning new culture and ideas.

The Largest City in Germany

Berlin is one of the cities with the highest number of expats in the world. More than a third of the city’s population possess a non-German background. This haven for expats attracts people from different backgrounds due to its creative spirit, low cost of living, and beautiful night scene. Despite having many expats in Berlin, we can all agree that moving to a foreign country is a daunting process. The process is faced by many hinderances ranging from looking for an apartment and adapting to a new way of life, among others.

Speaking English is Good, However, Learning German is Recommended

Berlin is an impeccable city which is recognized all over the world. To communicate swiftly with people from Berlin corporate world, you need to be a fluent English speaker. In most offices, English is the preferred language. If you are not a fluent English speaker, you can consider learning English as a second language, especially if you are planning to stay here for an extended period. In addition, the government uses German for official communication. You are encouraged to learn Deutsch to easily interact with the elderly. This language attracts respect among the German people and therefore makes it easy to integrate and associate with citizens of the country.

Master Your Culture When Coming to Berlin

Living in Berlin is entirely different compared to other cities. The traditional and rigidity in the city can be discouraging for some. It is very typical to be surprised after experiencing new ways of life that differ from where you grew up. It becomes more challenging when dealing with Finanzamt, Auslanderbehorde Or the Burgeramt. Be sure you are not the first person to experience difficulties in adapting to city life. The best thing is to be patient and believe in yourself. Make it a habit to learn from every bureaucratic interaction you will experience. Also, be willing to learn. You can achieve this by carrying out extensive research using your resources to interact with German-speaking buddies.

Adapt Swiftly to City Life

While Berlin is reckoned for the low cost of living, people coming from less affordable cities will criticize the city’s cost of living. The cost of housing is rising tremendously due to increased demand. People are flocking in the coveted city each dawn. Be positive and plan to get used to the memo. Make use of online platforms to look for a living place. If you are looking forward to saving more, subletting is a brilliant idea.

Get To Know The History

It is essential to learn the history of, which is unique. For example, it is through history that you will discover that Bebelplatz was the territory of the less celebrated Nazi book burning. You will know why Berlin is quite affordable in contrast with other cities. Through history, you will also learn the political changes that have taken place in the city.

Protect Berlin's Lush Environment

If you are fun of a flourishing environment, Berlin is the place to be. The city management is burning the midnight oil to reduce air pollution in the city. The city features prominent and notable parks. The public transport system is very efficient and cost friendly. You can spend your leisure time cycling or taking mouthwatering vegetables in chains of restaurants located in the city.

Be Open to Identify New Opportunities

There are a lot of unutilized opportunities in the city. Being among the most affordable cities in the universe, it is possible to introduce something new to the residents. If you are passionate about art, this is the city where a novice artist can quickly flourish. The networks of reaching audiences are already in place. All you need is to formulate resources and purpose to be the next prominent artist. Be armed with raw creativity to take advantage of the available resources which help you attain your goals.

The Journey to Becoming an Expat is Murky, But the Fruits are Sweet

Packing your belonging to go and live in a new city is stressful. It becomes more challenging when moving from one country to another. You have to learn a new culture, adapt to a new climate, and make new friends who will take a considerable amount of time.People might stereotype you leveraging on your emotions, nationality, and race. You may end up feeling empty and being fed up with people’s behaviour. At this stage, you may have more reasons to give up. The secret is to continue pressing on. This is the right time to put more emphasizes on 7 things expats in Berlin should know. Take challenges as part of the journey, and eventually, you will emerge as a victor. You can look for other expats in Berlin like you who will help you figure out things and overcome the challenges.

To Conclude

Before moving to a new city, especially to a foreign country, gather as much information and knowledge about the city. Understand the employability degree in the city, cost of living and the official languages that you need to learn. Furthermore, understanding the history, culture and way of life will help you adapt quicker.

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