Saving Money as a Student

Updated on
September 20, 2022

Student life can get expensive very quickly. A romantic weekend, a night out with your friends, movie tickets, sporting events, and living expenses can quickly drain your bank account. But never fear; savings are all around. As long as you remember to carry your student card everywhere you go, saving money as a student need not mean sacrificing your lifestyle.

Student Discounts on Transport and Entertainment

In Germany, students enjoy concessionary rates on public transport like buses, subways, and trams, as well as car rentals. The BahnCard, for example, offers 25-50% discounts on train tickets in Germany. Entertainment venues, movie theaters, libraries, and restaurants in university towns often give student discounts. German museums, theaters, and even zoos offer savings for students.

Reduce Your Living Expenses

Consider using shops and stores near your university; they are more likely to offer student discounts. Hair salons often run special student discount days. If you are into sport and exercise, joining a university sports team costs little or nothing. Many universities have free gyms, but even private gyms frequently have special student rates. Your student ID can also get you into local sports matches at reduced rates. For example, the soccer club Alemannia Aachen offers students discounted tickets for their home games. Get your favorite newspapers and magazines at minimal cost by taking out a student subscription. Joining a society may entitle you to extra discounts on payment of a small membership fee.You can even save on financial services. Many banks will waive service charges for students, so make sure you take proof of your status as a student if you plan to open a bank account.

Don't Forget Your Student Card!

Your student ID card proves that you are eligible for student discounts; therefore, the best strategy is to carry it at all times. If you go abroad during your studies, your usual student ID may not be accepted, so you should obtain an International Student Identity Card. This card secures discounts on a range of accommodation, transport, attractions, and stores.Finally, if you don't see a sign stating there is a student discount, ask anyway. Saving money as a student is crucial, and it's easier than you might think.

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