Studying Abroad: Spend a Sublime Semester in Germany

Updated on
September 20, 2022

When completing a university course, it is always culturally and educationally enriching to spend a term in another country. Among the destinations available to travelling students, Germany is one of the most diverse, open and interesting. With a wealth of high quality universities and colleges on offer, it is both exciting, and rewarding, to spend a term in Germany.I

n spending a term in Germany, students can learn more about a country which holds a key place in the European Union and which is the centre of secure trading, business and finance. As well as learning more about Germany’s distinct culture and heritage, spending a term in Germany will also allow students to become accustomed with the language. It has often been suggested that the best way to learn a language is to interact with native speakers on a daily and weekly basis. Students with a keen interest in the German language, (and in German business opportunities) would benefit greatly from spending a term in this prominent country.As with all countries, Germany is steeped in history and, as such, it is full to the brim with interesting sights and sounds. As well as visiting the country’s myriad museums and sites, students can also revel in the wild beauty of Germany’s landscape, whilst taking part in popular sporting pastimes, such as hiking and canoeing.

Financial support

The manner in which university semesters in Germany are organised, so as to accommodate the needs and schedules of foreign students, varies according to institution. The majority of students from the European Union take advantage of the ERASMUS program, a scholarly initiative which provides grants and covers a range of travelling expenses. In addition to the ERASMUS program, a great number of partnerships exist between European universities, allowing students to move, somewhat freely, between institutions. Students who wish to forge their own path (and who are in possession of the necessary funds) can also apply, independently, to the university of their choice.

Should I study abroad?

When deciding upon the best time, during the course of their studies, to spend a semester abroad, students must often rely on their own feelings and thoughts, More often than not, students wait until they have become familiar with the basic demands of their course before spending a term in another country. That being said, students with extensive knowledge of German may feel ready to transfer to another university early in their studies. The decision as to how (and when) to alter one’s studies is a personal one which can only be decided on a case by case basis.A key aspect of foreign study is the extent to which grades and exam results, (achieved abroad) can be applied to the overall qualification offered by the student’s home university. Often, credit given during study abroad can be applied to both Bachelor and Masters level qualifications. Students are advised to ask all of the necessary questions regarding the transferal of credit, before making their all-important journey.When planning to study certain sections of their qualification abroad, students can often feel daunted by the amount of organisation that is required. That being said, when taken in bite-size chunks, the transferal experience can be simple and stress-free. When all of the necessary questions have been asked and all of the proper preparations have been made, students can look forward to a thrilling, culturally enriching semester in Germany.

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