The Different Language Schools in Germany

Updated on
September 11, 2022

If you have not already, you will experience that many of your German friends love to practice their English on you. But if you do not use the German language often enough, you might never really learn much. Attending language schools in Germany is the most efficient way to learn, together with surrounding yourself with locals and using the German language as often as possible.

Additionally, you will probably do better in business related activities or even in your daily environment when you are reasonably proficient in the language. Career-wise it is also beneficial to have completed a course and have a certificate in hand stating your German language skills.

Many public and private institutions in Germany offer courses in "German as a foreign language", or "Deutch als Fremdsprache". There are 3 main institutions where you can achieve a certificate.

German Education Centers for Adults

Most cities have "Volkshochschulen" offering language courses for foreigners. Classes are usually held during the evenings and are normally low cost. It is a great place to learn the basics while having a busy work schedule.

German Universities

Germany has more than 60 university spread all over the country. These offer more comprehensive studies than most other courses, but they also offer cultural and literature courses. You will earn a more highly regarded certificate, but it comes at a cost of around 500 Euros per month.

Commercial Schools in Germany

These courses are typically more flexible but also more costly compared to government and non-profit schools. The advantage is that they are flexible enough to carry our lessons at your workplace or wherever you wish. Your workplace might even sponsor the course for you.

Alternative Ways To Learn German

Alongside your course there are several things you can do. Although it does not really substitute attending language schools in Germany, it will greatly improve your progress. If you are serious about progressing fast when learning German, we can recommend watching German TV and read as much as possible. Start off with childrens books and easy reading material such as magazines and comic books.

The majority of foreigners studying German in the country consist of adults, retirees and professionals. It is common for the student to complete a written proficiency test prior to beginning the course. This is specially for the private language schools in Germany, in order to determine the level of your existing knowledge and tailor the course accordingly.

The teachers are usually native speakers and it is common that only German is to be spoken in class. the ways of teaching are broad and include a variety of speaking, reading, role playing, dialog, translations and grammatical exercises. Some even offer German films as part of the course and to get familiar with the language.

Now that you know where you can find language schools in Germany, we highly recommend to engage as much as possible to immerse yourself in the cultural and linguistic experience when learning the language in Germany.

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