The Internet in Germany

Updated on
September 20, 2022

Germany has an extensive Internet connectivity with numerous open and private Wi-Fi networks spread all over the country. These network provide a stable Internet access all over the country. If you are new in the country, our guide will help you understand Internet rates and access in the country.

Just like in any other leading economy in the world, Internet connectivity in Germany has drastically increased in the recent past. Social media has picked up pace in the country and its platforms are regularly used to market products and services. A good example of this is the German railway company Deutsche Bahn that uses Twitter platform as a channel for customer service. Free public WI-FI in coffee shops, bookstores and libraries has increased in popularity widening the Internet access base.

Internet in Germany: High-Speed Connections

In the recent past, broadband Internet in the country has become more affordable. This has seen increased competition among German telecommunication companies, which has benefited Internet junkies. In Germany, Internet and Telephone access are normally offered together at varying monthly rates. The Internet speed and the service provider you choose usually determine these rates.

Internet in Germany: Access via Cable TV

Some parts of Germany avail telephone and Internet access through your cable TV connection. While its essential to have access to cable TV in your residence, you don’t have to be an actual client of a cable television company. A majority of the providers offer services limited to several areas of Germany, the only exception being Kabel Deutschland. Kabel Deutschland availability in Germany can be checked online.For this option, the Internet service provider will add phone and Internet plugs to your TV socket. Essentially, the TV cable enables you access a very fast Internet connection and can handle extremely high traffic. The radio and TV signals aren’t affected by the Internet usage. This is because they are transmitted on entirely different frequencies.

Internet in Germany: Availability

In Germany, DSL connections with download speeds ranging from 2000-50,000 kbps are present in about 93% of households, mostly in urban areas. This is according to official approximations. To check whether DSL access from Germany’s Internet providers is available in your postcode area you can use websites such as (link: Germany only).

Internet in Germany: Choosing the right provider

Normally, you will have to choose between several Internet providers. These providers range from T-Online, Alice, or 1&1. Also there are local providers depending on where you reside such as M-Net (in Bavaria) or BaWue-Net (in Baden-Württemberg). While choosing your ideal DSL provider it is important to consider the following

  • Learn about the provider’s connection speed
  • The monthly flat rate fee and services not covered by the rate
  • Consider if the flat rate cover phone calls and the phone calls not covered by the rate
  • Find out whether the Wi-Fi router is included in the contract
  • Consider if you have to pay extra activation or installation fee
  • Find out the minimum term of the contractInquire about English speaking technical support and English documentation.
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