The top 10 jobs for Expats in Hamburg

Updated on
September 11, 2022

10 - Business Development

A business developer’s role is to work on growing the company’s profits by increasing expenditure of current customers while attracting new customers.  This profession offers countless opportunities to develop a promising and rewarding career in business strategy.National average salary at managerial level: €53,658

9 - Online Marketing Manager

The roles of this job depend on the needs of the company.  An online marketer manager’s role mainly entails being in charge of the online marketing team in the company and they work closely with many departments such as sales and e-commerce.   Most of the time, they are also responsible for client and partner acquisition and retention.  Online Marketing Managing is a profession for creative and analytical minded people.National average salary: €34,990

8 - Java Developer

Java developer’s role involves a high level of programming knowledge.  They are responsible for building java applications, including anything within the lines of complex groups of back-end services and their client-end counter parts.  Other responsibilities include designing and developing applications whilst coordinating with rest of the team on different layers of the infrastructure.  Java developers are recruited not only in Germany, but around the world in companies where Information Technology plays a big role.National average salary: €46,300

7 - Financial Controller

A Financial controller’s job consists of communicating closely with other internal and external managers for efficient business proceeds.  This is a complex work position where the controller has to deal with finance, accounting, marketing, production, personnel and other operations to ensure that the business is running efficiently and effectively.National average salary: €55,695

6 - Technical Writer

A technical writer is a professional writer that produces technical documentation that help people understand how to use a product or service.  This job also entails proof reading, editing, formatting and developmental editing.  Technical writers often work with computer hardware engineers, scientists, computer support specialists and software developers.National average salary: €45,495

5 - Consultant

Consultants provide analysis of the existing practices of a company and make further recommendations for improvements.  Consultants normally have to have experience in at least one area of business management.  Their duties normally consist of understanding what the clients need or wish and how to improve it. This may include reviewing documents such as financial statements and analyzing business practices.National average salary: €50,531

4 - Head of Marketing

This job requires experience.  Head of marketing consists of providing service leadership related to marketing, ensuring high quality services are being delivered, ensuring that the company is promoting the right message and problem solving.  The head of marketing usually collaborates with the director, making sure all stakeholders are accessible and motivating the workforce.National average salary: €35,00 – 100,000

3 - Sales Manager

The sales manager is responsible for overseeing the sales department within the company.  Other responsibilities include direct distribution, managing sales team, developing scripts, develop and follow business leads, set sales goals and maintaining business contacts.  Another major role is to resolve clients’ complaints.National average salary: €71,915

2 - Project Manager

A project manager’s role is to foresee or predict the dangers in a project and to plan, organize and control activities so the project will be successful.  Project managers are responsible for all aspects of a time-limited, specific business initiative.  This profession may be a temporary job, semi-permanent or also a permanent position.National average salary: €50,510

1 - Software Engineer

A software engineer is responsible for writing, editing and testing programs for companies.  There are numerous layers of computer software and each require a specialist.  The main roles for software engineers include working with networks, operating systems and databases where each area requires fluency it its own set of computer languages.  Most of the time software engineers have to collaborate with other development specialists in order to develop complex projects.National average salary: €49,807

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