Thinking of doing an Internship in Germany?

Updated on
September 11, 2022

In Germany, one can find many opportunities for internships and placements. Types of internships include individuals studying in Germany that want to conduct a local placement, foreign students doing an internship abroad and job exchanges. Applying for an internship in Germany is a relatively simple process and most of the time, you can do it online. In order to apply, you need your resume, cover letter and a letter of application. If you are coming from abroad, then it is recommended that you submit your application at least three to five months in advance.  In this article, we will provide you with some key information on internships in Germany.


This entirely depends on the country you are coming form. If you are within the EU, then no visa is required. For non-EU individuals, a VISA and working permit is required.Health Insurance – This is mandatory for all residents in Germany. Try to settle this before your arrival as it might take some time. If you are coming from the EU, for a temporary stay, you might not need health insurance, however, it is always recommended. You can opt for public or private insurance, get the help of an insurance broker and find the suitable plan for you.


In Germany, safety should not be a concerning issue, as generally it is regarded as a very safe place to live with minimal criminal activity. With that being said, minor crimes such as pickpocketing are prone to occur in some part of the cities, therefore it is always recommended to take safety precautions, especially if you are alone. Get to know the emergency contacts and keep them close in case of emergency.


When it comes to internships and placements, more often than not, either you do not get paid or paid a small amount. Depending on the company you will be doing the internship with, you might get benefits instead of a wage, such as free accommodation, food and a small wage enough to live with.


If this is not settled from the employer’s side, then you have to make sure to find an affordable place to sleep. There are many factors you have to consider when it comes to choosing accommodation, such as location. Judging from previous experiences, we usually recommend that whilst on internship, you share the accommodation with someone, ideally with someone in a similar situation. Another option is to seek out small studios or university accommodation.

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