Top 10 most popular Sport in Germany!

Updated on
September 21, 2022

1- Fußball! (Soccer)

Soccer is one of the most famous sports worldwide.  In Germany, no less!  Bundesliga, the German league is one of the most successful leagues in Europe.  This sport attracts thousands of locals to watch the game every weekend.  On an even larger scale the national football team in Germany is immensely famous around the world.  This increased even more with the German team winning big titles such as the recent victory of the World Cup in Brazil.  A football ground gives you a totally different perspective of the Germans, where they are renowned for being a bit cold, in the ground you see an overflow of emotion and passion!

2- Golf

Even though it is not as popular on TV channels as soccer, golf is one of the most played sports in Germany.  The Germans have a natural talent in Golf and people like Martin Kaymer proves this.  Despite this, Golf is not played by all social classes in Germany.  Such sport is mainly paid by Germans in the higher class as the golf equipment is normally quite expensive.  An average golf club can easily cost up to 300 – 400 euros.

3- Ice Hockey

If you are looking for sports combined together with partying, noise and adrenaline rush, then an Ice hockey match is the thing for you. In Germany, this sport is renowned for its unique atmosphere.  The German ice hockey team is considered to be one of the best in the world and there are many successful German ice hockey players.

4- Basketball

When comparing to other basketball teams around the world, the German one is not amongst the top one.  This, however, does not make it any less famous.  The talents of famous and successful players such as Detlef Schrempf helped making German basketball matches one of the most liked sports in the country.

5- Motorsport

All I need to say is Michael Schumacher and you will think of a hero of Formula 1.  In his prime, Schumacher made millions of Germans proud and hyped to watch the race Sunday afternoon.  For a respectable amount of years, this man and Sebastian Vettel flawlessly dominated the race tracks.  Both drivers were immensely successful in their careers.  Motorsport in general is one of the most famous sports in Germany.

6- Handball

Especially in the smaller cities, handball is very popular among locals.  On a global scale, the German handball league is one of the best.  Back in 2007, the German handball league won the World Cup, however, this year the team was not that successful.

7- Tennis

Amongst other stars, Steffi Graf and Boris Becker are the two of the most famous German tennis player around the world.  Becker not only is extremely successful but also the youngest player to ever win the Wimbledon title.  On the other hand, the famous Steffi Graf was amongst the best female tennis players for years.

8- Skiing

Not as famous as other sports on TV, but the Germans like to personally practice skiing.  Having the Alps around the corner, provides a lot of opportunities for skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts.  Apart from the Alps, there are many other mountains for skiing in winter.  One of the most popular skiing ventures is taking the Zugspitzbahn to the top of the highest German mountain, die Zugspitze.

9- Cycling

One of the most watched sports on TV!  Although the main stars like Erik Zabel in this sports had their ups and downs in the past, cycling remains one in the top ten list of the most watched and liked sports.

10- Boxing

In his prime, Henry Maske had an extremely successful career and made Germans love watching a good toe to toe boxing match.  Even though, Maske’s time has passed, boxing still is very famous in Germany.  Although not born in Germany, the Klitschko brothers prevailed to become two of the best boxers around the world, making boxing really popular amongst the Germans.  A steamy boxing match can easily bring millions of viewers in front of the TV.

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