Top 5 hiking trails in Germany

Updated on
September 11, 2022

Germany is often renowned for its greenery and its roles towards the environment. Needlessness to say, the country has ample hiking, picnic camping and cycling opportunities, scattered all over the map. Going for a hike can be the remedy for stress relief and a way to escape the hectic life in the city. In this article, we will give you the top five hiking trails in Germany.

Painter’s Way

One of the most beautiful trails in the country, the Painter’s Way. Here you can find picturesque views, bizarre rock formations and exciting paths. In the early 1800’s Painter’s Way experienced an unexpected significant increase in tourism and till nowadays it is one of the most famous trails in Germany.

Lilac Bloom

In the end of summer, every year, Lilacs bloom in Germany and the northern part transforms hundreds of acres of fields into a pinkish/red color. In order to maintain and graze it, the locals use the ‘Heidschnucken’, which are a special breed of moorland sheep.

Wine on the Rhine

A combination of culture, history, beautiful scenery and nature.  The Rhine river valley offers ample hiking opportunities through its narrow trails, leading to many ancient castles, palaces, iconic monuments, vineyards and forests. Due to its steep and narrow banks, the route can prove to be very challenging and in order to help unexperienced hikers, there is a via ferrata.

The Rennsteig

In central Germany, one can go back in time and visit the historical trails of the Rennsteig. Here, you can enjoy 170kms of pure greenery in the Thuringian Forest which was also partly accessible during the Cold War. Due to this, in 1999, it was marked as a cultural monument.

Allgäu Alps

A beautiful hiking experience known for long trails, trekking, skiing and snowboarding. The Allgäu Alps make part of the 3,200km track ranging from France, through Switzerland, Austria and Germany, which is known as the E5 European trail. Hiking opportunities are accessible to most age groups as since 1969, around 12 paths have been made.

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