Top 6 Reasons Why Your Job Application Is Failing

Updated on
September 11, 2022

When applying for a job, the normal process is to send your resume together with a cover letter to the selected companies or employers and wait to get contacted back for an interview. However, sometimes you do not get selected through your application form and in some instances, you may not even get a reply back. There might be several reasons why your application is not being chosen for an interview and in this blog, we give you the top six  reasons why application forms usually fail and what to avoid in order to stand out of the clutter and get chosen.

Reasons #1 – You did not include a photo

This option is not mandatory when applying for a job in Germany, however, it is still recommended. By some, it is believed that employers have a tendency to trust more applicants with photos as a type of human connection will be created and contributes to the final image of the resume. In Germany it is quite simple and affordable to get a professional photo taken.

Reason #2 – No date

In Germany this is not optional and is mandatory for the resume and the cover letter, however, still many applicants end up forgetting to put it.  Ensure that you include the date and that it is not outdated.

Reason #3 – Signature

When filling an application letter online, it is quite easy to forget including your signature. However, similar to the date, the signature is also mandatory in Germany. The easiest way to do this is to either print, sign and scan the application form or simply use an online signature creator tool. This tends to symbolise the individuality of your job application.

Reason #4 – Personal Details

Unlike the previous two requirements, in Germany personal details are not mandatory by law, but, it is recommended to give a good overview of yourself as employers tend to prefer it.

Reason #5 – Cover letter

Unlike many other countries where the CV is main requirement for the application form, in Germany the cover letter is crucial, and, in most instances, it is given more importance than the CV. The reason being is that the cover letter provides the employer with a detailed overview of your skills, experiences and objectives.

Reason #6- Attachments

This is another important requirement for the application letter in Germany. Attachments usually include recommendation letters, graduation certificates and any additional documents that might help you get the job. Unlike some countries, list of references is not required as the Germans prefer separate reference letters from different employers.

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