Top-Rated Tourist Destinations in Germany

Updated on
October 10, 2022

Germany has many small cities, places of historical interest, attractive geographical locations, and collections of forests. All these places are great for a German holiday. Whether you are a history buff, a lover of nature, or a fanatic of different cultures, you should be able to enjoy a vacation in this country. Some of the towns that are popular with tourists include Berlin, Munich, and Hamburg. All these towns have excellent historical attractions and popular places of culture.

Best 10 Places to Visit in Germany in 2022

In this guide, we will cover the most popular tourist destinations in the country. Read on to learn more about these places.

1. Brandenburg Gate

One of the best places to start your trip is at Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. This gate was developed in 1791 and has served many different purposes over the years. The historical structure was designed to resemble the Acropolis in the city of Athens. Be sure to shoot some photos at this monument.

2. Museum Island

Museum Island is located in Berlin, and it is definitely one of the most famous tourist destinations in the country. In German, it is referred to as Museumsinsel, but many of the locals will understand when you mention Museum Island. The island has been developed with excellent infrastructure and can easily be navigated on foot.

3. The Berlin Wall

You can’t visit Germany without going to see the Berlin Wall. The wall has been kept in good shape over the years and is even painted with interesting graffiti. Besides the Berlin Wall, you should take a trip to the Berlin War Memorial and the Berlin Wall Exhibition.

4. Cologne Cathedral

This is an old Gothic structure in Cologne, and it is locally referred to as the Kolner Dom. It has gained popularity as a tourist destination as it is one of the largest Catholic churches in the entire continent. It takes up a total of 6,166 square metres and has 56 large pillars. These pillars make it stand out from other large Catholic churches in Europe. To make it even better, the towers in the southern section of the church have been developed to offer panoramic views. The inside sections of the structures are filled with golden works of art. One of the windows is stained and goes back to the 12th century.

5. The Rhine

Located in Cologne, the Rhine River is a sight to behold. The beauty of the place will take your breath. The surrounding Rhine Valley has also impressed many tourists and is sure to get your interest. It is worth noting that the river flows through Germany, Switzerland, and the Netherlands. In the region surrounding The Rhine in Cologne, you will find around 60 medieval urban locations and around 40 castles. Make a point of exploring them.

6. Miniatur Wunderland

The city of Hamburg has been noted to be the most important tourist destinations in Germany. When you visit this town, make sure you see the Miniatur Wunderland. This is among the biggest model railway attractions in the whole world.

7. St. Michael’s Church

Another top attraction in Hamburg is the St.Michael’s church. It was constructed in 1762 and is quite famous all around the world. The church has a tower which is 132 metres high, and you can navigate it with an elevator. When you get to the highest level of the tower, you will be able to look at the city on the viewing platform.

8. Marienplatz

The Marienplatz is located in Munich, one of the biggest cities in Germany. Marien Square is located in the middle of the town. In this square, you will find the New Town Hall, the Clock Tower, and many old structures. At around midday, a huge bell rings in the square. At around the same time, you should be able to view re-enactments of old Bavarian historical events.

9. Frauenkirche

Again in Munich, you have to visit the Frauenkirche. This is a popular Catholic church which has grown to become a key landmark in Munich. It is large enough to accommodate a maximum of 20,000 visitors. At the top of the towers, you will be able to catch some views of the town.

10. The Black Forest

You should also take a trip to Baden-Württemberg and view this fascinating forest. The place offers excellent views of the city, as well as many outdoor activities.

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