Top reasons why expats become entrepreneurs in Germany

Updated on
September 11, 2022

Many expats around the world are travelling to Germany every year to find their lifelong career. With that being said, many of these expats end up becoming entrepreneurs or opening their own business. There are several reasons expats opt for this option, but it also entails many challenges and limitations, especially in the startup phases. So why do expats open their own business? Below, we will give you the top reasons why!

Not content with their lifestyle

Even though the road to entrepreneurship might be long and depressing at times, if you manage to become successful, it can be one of the most rewarding things in your life. There are no shortcuts in such career and you simply have to work as much as you can to grow.

Be their own boss

This is one of the biggest benefit for some, as when opening your own company, you become your own boss. No more worrying and trying to live up your boss’s expectations, but you have the opportunity to set your own standards and goals. With that being said, it is highly recommended that you plan and research immensely well before choosing this road, as it might be very costly and challenging. When being your own boss, all the responsibility falls on you and not everyone can take it.


Some might have some extra money and a clever idea in mind, that they think it might work. Some companies open up as a part time jobs or as a hobby at first. This isn’t such a bad idea in the end, because such a little investment might be the one that makes you successful.

Creative minds

There are some people that are simply not content enough with what they experience and want to improve it. In an interview, the world-famous Richard Branson had said that one of the main reasons that led to the opening of Virgin airlines, was that he was not happy enough with the other existing airlines and wanted to improve the flying experience. Once you realize that all of the things surrounding you were made by other people just like you, you also realize that you can make a change and that your dream can actually become an attainable reality.

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