Top Reasons why you should retire in Germany

Updated on
September 11, 2022

Time for retirement and thinking about moving to Germany? Well you should, as the country offers ample benefits for retiring expats. Apart from its beauty and picturesque scenery, Germany has a very rich history and culture, healthy economy and is generally safe. Due to the advantages that the country offers, the number of people seeking retirement in Germany has been increasing in the past years. In this article, we will give you the top reasons why you should retire in Germany.

Quality of Life

Germany offers one of the highest quality of life in Europe and is known to be quite politically and financially stable. Apart from that, the country and its cities received ample awards for being amongst the top places to live in.

Cost of living

More often than not, this depends on the city you are located in, however, on the whole, Germany’s cost of living is quite balanced with high salaries.


Given its strategic location on the map, Germany is accessible from many countries. It is home to some of the largest airports and harbors in the world. You can also travel from/to the country with your personal vehicle and it is also known for its unique driving experience.

Public Transportation

When you live in Germany, you do not even have to own a car, as the public transport is very convenient and efficient. Most of the cities have excellent transportation connections and you can get where you want at a very affordable rate with minimal effort.

Health Care

The Health Care system in Germany is one of the highest ranked in the world and is one of the top reasons why many expats choose to retire in Germany. You can choose from two main options, public or private insurance. Whilst each have their pros and cons, the private health insurance market is very well established and generally of a higher value in the long term.Check out the lifestyle sector to see more detailed articles on some of Germany’s top cities. Enjoy your journey to Germany.

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