Top Security Tips to consider when moving to Germany

Updated on
September 11, 2022

What you need to take in consideration

In general, Germany is considered to be a very safe country, however, in rare cases, accidents do happen. As an expat, when you just moved into a new country, one thing that you have to keep in mind is the security of the place and your surroundings. Most of the time, this depends on the area you are living and/or visit most frequently. Before moving, we recommend that you consider the following security tips, to try and avoid any unpleasant surprises.

  • Wherever you plan to live, ensure that you research as much as possible about the area that you will be living in and the places where you plan to visit. Commence with searching online about the local crime rate and places to avoid.
  • If you know anyone that previously lived or currently lives there, ask them about their opinion of the place and their recommendations.
  • Once you get there, be friendly and try to interact with the neighbours. There are many benefits to getting to know a local or someone that have been living there for a while. They can show you and make you aware the points of interest and the places best to avoid.
  • Get to know all the emergency contacts that you might need and keep them easy accessible.
  • Learn the most important phrases in case of emergency. Apart from the basic sentences learn how to say:- Help - Hilfe- Emergency - Notfall- Call a doctor - Rufen Sie einen Arzt an- Call the police - Ruf die Polizei- I need - Ich brauche
  • If you have any medicine, always make sure that you have enough until you can buy in the new country. Research where you can get it and how to say it in the native tongue.
  • Depending on the area that you live, it can be recommended to install security systems such as alarms. Have a look at your neighbourhood and neighbours how they handle the situation.
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