Top Tips How to Prepare your Child for the First Day of School

Updated on
September 20, 2022

The first day of school might be a challenging and emotional day for you and children, especially at such a young age. One of the most common problem that occurs is that the child would not want to separate from the parent and this can cause a negative experience for your child while also hinder their learning. In this article, we will give you some of the top tips how you can prepare your child for their first day of school in Germany.

First Day of School Tips:

  • As a general rule, always try to make it a positive and exciting experience for your child, which will ease this process and even potentially increase learning in the long run. Avoid being overstressed and panicked.
  • Start mentioning the first day of school well in advance and assure your kid that this will be a very fun experience for them. Focus on all the positive aspects.
  • Whilst it is good to get your kids prepared for their first day, try to avoid making it seem like such a big deal. This might scare your child.
  • Start the day with a good breakfast and try to plan an efficient routine that works for you and your children.
  • Depending on how old your child is, explain the whole process to them.
  • Set times and schedules and stick to them.
  • If your child gets too emotional, stand your ground and go through with the process. Most of the time, once they get to the school and meet other kids, teachers and staff, they enjoy it and look forward for the next day.

Other helpful tips:

  • Before deciding on the school to send your child, take them there to experience first hand the feeling of the school. If possible introduce them to some of the staff, which is likely to ease the first day, since they will be knowing what to expect.
  • Before committing to one school, speak to the teachers yourselves, search for reviews and if possible, ask anyone who had experience with the same school. The more you know, the less surprises for your child.
  • Label all the items they take, such as – lunchboxes, bags, toys, colours and pencil cases.
  • Check if the school provides food, if not, prepare a tasty nutritional lunch. Include fruit and try to avoid unhealthy food.
  • Always have an extra pair of clothes available.
  • Reward them for their good behaviour.
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