VISA for Academic Internship In Germany
VISA for Academic Internship In Germany

VISA for Academic Internship In Germany

VISA for Academic Internship In Germany

If you are completing higher education at an institute outside the EU, you have the possibility to complete your internship in Germany. The VISA for education internship allows you to complete an academic internship at a German facility which corresponds to your course of studies.

The Requirements For Issuing a VISA for Study Related Internships

In order for third-country nationals to obtain a VISA to complete their internship in Germany, the following requirements apply:

  1. Proof of an internship agreement with a German company
  2. You are enrolled at a university abroad or have completed your studies no more than two (2) years prior to the VISA application.
  3. The internship in Germany corresponds with the course of study.
  4. The facility where you will complete your internship will cover the cost of living and the travel back to your country of origin within 6 months after the end of the internship.

Duration and Employment During Your Internship

The VISA or residence permit is issued for the duration of the academic internship and no more than 6-months.

You can not take up any other employment for the entire duration of your internship.

Other VISAs For Academic and Employment Purposes

If you wish yo study or work in Germany, you can also consider applying for any of the following VISA and residence permits:

If you are not sure which VISA and residence permit purposes you should apply for, you can view the overview of German VISA types.

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