Welcome to Berlin!

Updated on
September 23, 2022

Germany’s largest city! With a population of 3.5million, this city attracts people from around the world who live, study and work there. Germany’s capital has an extremely lively atmosphere where lifestyle, culture and leisure activities are top. Berlin offers never ending opportunities for expats moving to Germany. It is known for allowing its residents to develop and express themselves freely, adjusting their lives according to their wishes.

A city that offers something for everyone, Berlin is not only loved by foreign visitors but also by the locals. According to studies, 91% of the Berliners feel positively about their city, especially when it comes to its cultural institutions, green areas and its architecture.  Whether you are looking for tranquility, culture, shopping, greenery and/or a city with an exciting nightlife, this city offers an abundance of everything.  It is truly the place to be in!

The labor market in Berlin provides plenty of opportunities for expats to work and expand their careers. When it comes to students, Berlin has some of the best universities in Germany that are recognized globally. It has one of the most lively, creative and diverse educational landscapes in Europe.

When it comes to the cost of living and accommodation in Berlin they are considered to be quite affordable.  Apart from that, Berlin’s employment growth is on the increase.  A relatively high salary combined with low costs offer a high quality of life in Berlin whether you are moving alone or with a family. Furthermore, Berlin is also a family-friendly city. It offers a lot of leisure facilities for families and also has a lot of daycare options for those that need to go to work but also have children.Do not wait any longer, Berlin is the city where you can make your dreams come true!

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