Welcome to Germany! Top 15 things to do in Berlin

Updated on
March 20, 2023

Top 15 things to do in Berlin

Museum Island

A UNESCO World Heritage Site not to be missed!

The Museum Island is home to the five most important Museums in Berlin; The Neues Museum, home to the Egyptian bust of Nefertiti, the Pergamonmuseum which is one of the world’s biggest archaeological museums, the Altes Museum  housing ancient Greek and Roman antiques, the Alte Nationalgalerie (the old national gallery) and last but not least the Bode Museum with a large collection of sculptures, paintings and numismatic collections.

Walk on the Berlin Wall


Go back in time and have a walk on the restored famous wall of Berlin.  The wall dates back to the 20th century where it was used as a barrier completely separating the West from the surrounding of East Germany and East Berlin till when the Government officials demolished it in 1989.  The wall was used to prevent the huge emigration and defection that had marked East Germany and the communist Eastern Bloc during the post World War ll.

Sightseeing by Bike


Burn calories while visiting!  Having a welcoming cycle culture, complete with cycling lanes and signs makes it very easy to go around by bicycle in Berlin.  Apart from releasing stress while you paddle, cycling gives you the opportunity to go to places where cars cannot access, in an efficient and cost effective manner.   Apart from these benefits, whether alone or as a group, in Berlin there are many organised spectacular cycling tours and rental shops.

Dance until sunrise? No problem.


A city with a nightlife that doesn't sleep!  Whether you seek a relaxing drink after a long day of work or a party to dance your heart out, the city is home to hundreds of bars, lounges and nightclubs.  The entertainment in Berlin is during all the week and is one of the best places to interact with locals and tourists.  Some of the favourite places to go are the Panorama Bar, Salon Zur Wilden Renate and Watergate.

BEER! - Beer Gardens, Bars, Brewpubs and Beerhalls


Drinking a pint of beer in Germany is globally renowned as a must!  In Berlin there are many beer gardens, pubs, halls and bars to quench your thirst that even brew the beer on site!  Brewers in Germany will shed light on how the mixture of yeast, malt and hops transform into a cold, delicious, golden pint of beer.

Immerse yourself in Berlin’s art scene


A combination of aesthetically pleasing art from around all the globe.  In Berlin there are several art museums where one can go and witness an abundance of masterpieces. Some of these magnificent art museums are; The Kulturform, The Gemäldegalerie and The Neue Nationalgalerie.For an alternative unique experience visit during the Long Night of the Museums where you can museum crawling, after-hours till early morning.

Brandenburg Gate

The Brandenburg Gate, one of the most important and must visit landmarks in Germany was built for the King Frederick Wilhelm ll in 1788.  The famous gate is an 18th century neoclassical monument located in Pariser Platz, home to one of the most famous squares in Berlin.


The Reichstag is a historical edifice in Berlin, formerly constructed to house the Imperial Diet of the German Empire in 1894 until 1933.  After this period the building was set on fire and post World War ll, the Reichstag fell into disuse.   It wasn't until 1999 till it was re opened to become once again the meeting place of the German Parliament.  The Reichstag also has a dome on top where one can see a 360-degree view of the surrounding Berlin cityscape.



The Tiergarten is one of Berlin’s favourite inner city parks and also one of the largest in whole Germany.  The park is the perfect getaway from the hectic life of the city.  Apart from its picturesque natural ambience, there are sports fields, spaces for picnics, monuments and some of the park’s ponds can be used for ice skating in winter.

Dinner in the sky!


Dine atop Berlin’s rotating TV Tower offering magnificent views of the city.  While dining, you can see a 360 panorama of Berlin, the Brandenburg Gate, the Reichstag, the Olympic Stadium, Museum Island and the Postdamer Platz.  (Recommended to book tickets before)

Evening Dinner cruise


Escape the traffic and have a relaxing evening cruising in Berlin’s rivers while seeing the city’s main landmarks and attractions.  While learning about the city’s history and culture you can indulge in a 3 course meal on board the cruise.  As one can imagine, this sets a very romantic ambience for couples and is also ideal for families.

Eat the classical Currywurst!


Whether grilled, boiled, baked or fried the Currywurst is a definitely must try in Berlin.  The Currywurst is one of the favourite sausages in Germany which can be found both as a fast food item and also as a gourmet dish in a high class restaurant.  As accompaniments to this dish are the  warm German potato salad or fries( for fast food) and a pint of beer, of course.

Go to Mauerpark on a Sunday afternoon


Berlin embraces its green spaces but the Mauerpark on Sundays is no ordinary park.  The park is not known for its tranquility or relaxing atmosphere but for energetic market lovers.  Mauerpark is an ideal place to interact with the locals and to hunt down some bargains at its massive flea market.  In the market you can find almost any item, starting from a bargain bicycle to clothes, food, souvenirs and furniture.

Listen to a performance by the Berlin Philharmonic


Commencing in 1882 by 54 musicians, the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra is consistently being ranked as one of the best orchestras in the world.  Over the past years, the orchestra had some of the world’s most esteemed conductors and musicians, winning several awards including the Grammy awards, Classical BRIT awards, ECHO and Gramophone Awards.

Base flying


This activity is not for the faint hearted!  Base flying is for adrenaline junkies that are willing to plunge vertically to the ground from the 125meter high Park Inn by Radisson Berlin Alexanderplatz.   Apart from the breath-taking view of Berlin City this attraction has the world’s fastest winch near free fall speed, making it one of the most spectacular attractions in Berlin.

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